How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Tree Stump? DIY vs Hiring a Pro

Every time you leave your home or pull into the driveway, you see it. That ugly stump stares at you. Despite everything you do to bring curb appeal to your home and your landscaping, that stump sticks out like a sore thumb.

Plenty of homeowners are in this same circumstance. They put off removing the stump because they expect it to be an expensive process. If that rings true for you, we have some good news: it’s not as pricey as you might think.

When it comes down to it, how much does it cost to remove a tree stump? Here’s what you need to know about your professional and DIY options:

How Much Does Professional Tree Stump Removal Cost?

The short answer is that the average tree stump costs between $150 and $300 to remove. Of course, this is a loose estimate at best. In some cases, stump removal can vary from $50 to $1,000.

Factors That Affect Professional Stump Removal

As any homeowner expects, any service can vary from job to job. Professional stump removal teams like the one with this website base their price on many factors:

Stump Size

It makes sense that the larger a stump is, the more time and labor it takes to remove it. Some companies even price their stump removal by the inch. For example, a company may charge $3 per inch of diameter for each stump.

Number of Stumps

Some homeowners are clearing out an area and have several stumps to remove at once. Many stump removal companies charge a “per stump” price. However, they might offer you a discount for removing many stumps during the same visit.

In the case of a company that charges by the inch, you could pay based on the total size of all the stumps. For example, let’s say that you have four stumps which are each 30 inches in diameter. That’s a total of 120 inches. If the company charges $3 per inch, it will cost you $360 total.

Geographic Location

In the same way that your cost of living varies, so will your stump removal costs. In a place where fuel, equipment, and labor costs more, the stump removal company needs to charge a higher rate. This is true for any type of landscaping job, from removing a stump to building a retaining wall.

Yard Layout

Another common factor in your stump removal cost is how easy it is to access the stump. If the crew needs to maneuver around other trees or if the stump is against your home, there may be a higher labor fee.

Tree Type

It’s not news that some trees have harder wood than others, but not everyone thinks about how this affects the stump removal. The harder a stump’s wood is, the more time it will take to grind it. In some cases, the crew may even need specialized equipment.

Tree’s Age and Health

If your stump is from a tree that has been dead a long time and suffers from rot, it might be a quick removal process. On the other hand, a healthy and hardy tree could take more time to grind, costing you more.

Soil Type

It all comes down to how easy or hard it is to complete your job, and the soil plays a part. Some soils are easier or harder to work with, and that could add up to a longer job and higher labor costs.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree Stump By Myself?

As with any home repair or landscaping project, you have the option to remove your own stump. In most cases, homeowners do this to try to save money. How much does the cost compare, though?

DIY Stump Removal With a Stump Grinder

The most effective way to remove a stump is with a stump grinder. This type of machinery is about the size of a lawnmower. It has blades that grind the stump into a pile of wood chips. You can find a way to dispose of these wood chips or you can use them as mulch.

Chances are that you don’t already own a stump grinder. If you have one or a few stumps to remove, you can rend a stump grinder from many home improvement stores. This will run you between $100 and $500 depending on whether you choose a half day or a full day. It also depends on the size and type of grinder you need.

If you’re planning on removing stumps often, you have the option to buy a stump grinder. Depending on the model, this could cost anywhere from $1500 to $10,000.

DIY Stump Removal With Chemical Stump Removers

Another tactic for DIY stump removal is using a specialized chemical called stump remover or stump killer. This chemical penetrates the stump and decays it. While it doesn’t remove the stump in full, it makes it easier to pull or to grind.

Stump removal chemicals have a low cost: often $10 or less per bottle. However, it can take two weeks for the chemical to decay the stump enough for you to pull it. During this time, you need to be careful that kids and pets don’t touch the dangerous chemical.

If you choose to use a chemical stump remover, you’ll need to drill holes in the stump. This lets the chemical penetrate deeper. Stump remover chemicals can come in two forms: liquid or granules. You can pour the liquid into the holes in the stump. For the granules, you’ll put the granules into the holes and add water.

Is It More Cost-Effective to Hire a Professional for Stump Removal or Do It Myself?

When it comes down to it, how much does it cost to remove a tree stump and is it worth the effort to DIY?

In most cases, it’s best to hire a professional for your stump removal. They have the equipment and the knowledge to resolve almost any stump in a short time span. If you only have one or two stumps to remove, it could even cost more to rent your own stump grinder.

Of course, the key is finding the right team. Research stump removal companies or service providers for any of your other needs on our helpful directory.