Block Out Your Chatty Co-Workers: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Increase Your Cubicle Privacy

From its conception in the 1960’s, the office cubicle has been a symbol of misery and despair. Although it seemed like a good idea at the time, the cost-cutting measure we associate with office buildings has been shown to actually decrease production.

A study from Oxford Economics reveals that workers want to be productive. However, the most difficult obstacle employees face are workplace distractions. If the cubicle isn’t going anywhere soon, employees at least deserve a little more privacy.

Do you wish you could have a little more cubicle privacy? If your co-workers insist on talking to about the latest episode of their favorite reality TV shows, continue reading. Here you will find out how to get some privacy and increase your productivity at work.

Try Facing Your Monitor Away From the Entrance

This may be difficult if your cubicle is designed to fit the monitor in a particular spot. However, if your coworkers can see your monitor, they can see what you are working on, whether it is business related or not.

If you want to avoid conversations about what’s on your computer screen, try facing it away from others’ views. This gives you an opportunity to do a little personalization as well.

Look Into Cubicle Privacy Screens

The cubicle life can feel like there’s always an intruder around the corner. It’s like having a little brother that doesn’t know how to knock.

Try looking at different options to create a barrier between you and the rest of the office. Privacy screens offer this, if you can find one that fits.

Sometimes we all just want to shut the world out and get our work done. This is especially true when we have let it pile up for a while.

Putting a privacy screen at the entrance of your cubicle will keep out Theresa from down the hall and her conversations about her cat Jerry.

You may even be able to use a commercial window tint to add an extra layer of privacy.

You could try a variety of different methods. There are options, like curtains and doors that may be worth a shot.

Take Your Personal Life Elsewhere

It happens. You have to make a personal phone call on the job. However, it can be uncomfortable if Gerald one cubicle over is always making comments about your phone calls.

Keep Gerald out of your personal life by moving your calls to a conference room or an empty hallway. This way you can make medical appointments without Gerald knowing about that lump you have.

Keeping it Under Wraps

In an office environment, it can feel like your whole life is exposed for everyone to see. The traditional cubicle doesn’t have to make you feel like your an animal on exhibit.

With a few simple tricks, you can turn your cubicle into a truly productive workplace. It brings you some peace of mind, and it looks good to your higher-ups.

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