13 Must Have Tech Gadgets Every Business Owner Should Have

An average household in the United States owns 24 electronic gadgets.

No wonder then that experts predict the U.S. consumer electronics industry to become a $53.5-billion industry come 2025! That’s more than a $20 billion increase from its $32.78 billion value back in 2016.

The takeaway? Technology has become an integral part of the lives of consumers. For business owners, this means embracing technology to keep up with consumer demands.

As a current or soon-to-be business owner, you don’t need 24 gizmos right away to have a productive organization. You do need these 13 must have tech gadgets though since they all have major roles to play in your business’ operations.

1. Desktop PC

In 2015, 78% of American households owned either a desktop PC or laptop. By the end of 2017, the PC sector shipped a whopping 259.5 million units worldwide.

These numbers show us how consumers have become reliant on these machines. Also, let’s face it. Many of us can’t imagine life without computers.

After all, it allows us to automate tasks and organize files in a virtual manner. These two alone already minimizes manual labor and potential human error. Errors that can cost your business a lot, whether productivity- or financial-wise.

There’s also the “paperless” feature of computers. Going paperless is a big step in making your business greener. Also, FYI: A third of consumers say they like eco-conscious, sustainable brands better than those that aren’t.

Don’t forget connectivity, speed of computation, connectivity, and quicker research and development. All these make a PC setup a must-have tech your business can’t do without.

Pro Tip: Depending on your business’ needs and budget, it may be a good idea to invest in refurbished computers. They’re a great way to cut overhead costs. You want to make sure you get them from a trustworthy source though.

2. Laptop

Laptops offer many of the benefits of a desktop setup, but the main difference is that the former offers portability. You still need a PC for most of your in-office tasks, but a laptop makes remote work possible.

Imagine being anywhere in the world and still having the ability to check up on your team back home. If you fancy being one of today’s digital nomads and work wherever, whenever, then this machine is one must have technology for you.

3. Smartphone

The U.S. Small Business Administration even swears by smartphones’ benefits to businesses. According to the organization, entrepreneurs can start a business with only this device.

Of course, that still depends on the type of business you’ll run. SBA suggests social media marketing or podcasting. But even if you won’t operate from this device alone, it still plays a major role in your organization’s productivity.

Yes, it’s small, but it’s powerful enough to let you perform many of your marketing and communication tasks. You can even collaborate with your people through mobile apps such as Google Docs and Dropbox. This should already prove that a smartphone is key to more streamlined business operations.

Also, you need a smartphone to ensure your mobile website works. In case you haven’t gone mobile yet, you should, seeing that almost half of all Google searches start with a smartphone. Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly can land you a good spot in Google search results.

4. Printer

Indeed, we recommend going paperless for many aspects of your business. Especially with the average office worker going through as many as 10,000 sheets of paper every year!

However, you can’t completely eliminate the need for physical file and document copies. You’d need to print contracts, receipts, invoices, work orders, etc., after all.

That’s why you need a reliable printer. You have plenty of options though, from laser to LED and inkjet. As such, make sure you compare all your options and choose one suited to your business’ printing needs.

5. Headphones/Earphones

Noise in the workplace (from the too-loud worker to honking vehicles outside) can pull productivity down. These distractions can mess with your concentration and focus so much that you risk committing errors in what you’re doing.

The good news is, many of today’s top-quality headphones and earphones now feature noise-cancellation technology. You’ll even find them in wireless versions, which eliminates annoying tangled tires.

6. Modem and Router

Before you can even start sending all those emails to potential customers, you first need to have an Internet connection. That’s what a modem is for.

At the same time, you can’t have all desktops and laptops in the office connected to a single modem. That’s way too expensive, not to mention messy.

Here’s where a router comes into play.

This small device lets other devices (including PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) connect to a Wi-Fi. As in through a wireless connection.

You don’t need to buy a separate modem and router. Many high-performing modems now also come with a built-in router.

A friendly reminder: Internet speed depends on the number of connected devices. So, make sure you have a good service provider as well as adequate bandwidth.

7. Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

For the digital nomads out there, don’t forget to invest in a dependable mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. It’s similar to a router, wherein you can connect several devices to the Internet. The key difference is that this one’s portable, so you can take it wherever, whenever.

With this in your pocket, bag, or purse, you can finally say goodbye to public connections! You’d want to, since they can put you at risk of malware, snooping, viruses (you get the gist).

Plus, you don’t have to worry about slow connections, since it’s your own private Wi-Fi.

8. Mobile POS

A mobile POS (point-of-sale system) lets you collect payments anytime, anywhere. It’s much like a cash register, only this device travels with you! Not only does this help improve customer experience, it also increases sales.

9. Power Bank

Have you ever been in a call with a client, about to secure a sale, when all of a sudden, there’s dead silence? Oops, your phone’s battery died on you. That’s already a possible lost sale.

FYI: Typical smartphones running 3G can give you only up to five hours talk time. You may think that’s a lot. The thing is, background-running apps can siphon your battery’s juice sooner.

Prevent any more catastrophes, disgruntled clients, and lost productivity with a reliable power bank. These portable battery-energy storage devices can give your smartphone a quick refill of at least one complete charge. Some can even recharge mobile devices numerous times before you need to plug them back into the nearest wall outlet.

10. Organizer for Techy Gadgets and Keys

How many times have you lost your house, car, or office keys? If you’re like 28% of U.S. consumers, then at least once a week. Misplacing these important items may have even resulted in you being late for work!

So why not get yourself the best key organizer that’ll let you keep your keys plus your small gadgets, like a USB, in one place? You can even have utility tools (yep, like those you see in Swiss knives) in the same organizer!

If you’re looking not only for useful but cool tech accessories, then this is one you got to have.

11. Presentation Remote Control

Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? That means two in every three potential clients you try to impress need to “see” in order to understand what you’re trying to tell them.

That’s why presentations play integral roles in the business sector. Also, consider the fact that in marketing, a picture can be as valuable as 60,000 words.

But to maximize the effects of your visual aids, you need to present them in a seamless way. A presentation remote control allows you to do just that. You can walk around the conference room (for better engagement) and still have the remote do your bidding.

12. External Storage Devices

In any given year, as many as 6% of personal computers suffer from a data loss. There are also the 140,000 built-in computer hard drives crashing every week.

For businesses, these spell serious trouble.

After all, they have so much more to lose. There’s the sensitive client and company information, for starters. They can also suffer major setbacks for losing data on ongoing projects, proof of purchases, invoices, and a whole lot more.

These are some of the primary reasons all businesses need external storage devices. With an external hard disc drive (EHDD), you can back up your computer and worry less about losing valuable information. Plus, you get to have extra storage left for other important files.

13. Camera

We’re not saying you should buy a camera with the longest or widest lens. But you need to at least have a decent cam.

A good option is a digital point-and-shoot camera. These are portable and light, and if you choose a good brand, you can get one with high-resolution specs. With this, you can capture ideas in visual form and use them for say, your next marketing campaign.

Of course, if you need legit videos like those with amazing bird’s eye view shots, then it’s best you stick to a pro drone operator.

Arm Yourself with These Must Have Tech Gadgets Now

Whether you’re already about to launch your business or still preparing for it, these 13 items should make it to your list of must have tech gadgets. In fact, many entrepreneurs already had most of these way before their business launched.

So, if you don’t have everything mentioned here yet, it’s time you start checking them off the list.

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