How To Find the Best Dog Supplies Available Online

As a dog owner, you want nothing but the best dog supplies for your pet.

New dog owners will discover that their dog is really part of the family. If you’re on a tight schedule, getting to the pet store to pick up all the supplies you need for your family member can be challenging.

More people are turning to online pet stores to buy supplies for their dogs. Dog food sales online almost doubled in 2017 and make up about 18% of all dog food sales.

The question that comes up with buying online is trust. If you do a search online for dog supplies, you’ll find hundreds of options.

How can you be sure that you’re getting quality products for your dog and the service is top notch?

Read on to learn the supplies you should have for your new dog hand how you can buy them online.

The List of Must Have Dog Supplies

New dog owners have a lot of shopping to do. If you think you have a lot to get when you have a kid, wait until you get a dog!

Here’s a basic list of things that you’ll need for your dog.

Dog Harness

All it takes is one squirrel for your dog to take off. When you’re looking at harnesses, what should you be on the lookout for?

Sure, you want something with style, but you also want a harness that’s the right size, is durable and is easy to slip on the dog and clip.

With the size of the harness, you want to make sure that it’s something that the dog can grow into.

Grooming Supplies

No matter how hard you try, your dog will shed. That’s why you want to stock up on grooming supplies. The most basic ones are a brush, shampoo, and nail clippers.

Grooming your dog is important to help keep them healthy and their coats shiny.

Car Seat Covers

If you plan to take your dog out to the park, or to the beach, you’ll have to take your dog in the car.

That means that there’s a big potential for your car to get muddy, sandy, or wet. Or worse, your car will smell like a wet dog.

Car seat covers will protect your car from the muddy dog. You’ll want to get something that’s the right size for your car, is waterproof and non-slip.

Paw Protection Lotion

If you’re taking your dog out for a run in hot weather, you’ll want to protect their paws from hot asphalt or concrete. That’s where protection lotion can help.

Travel Bowls

Of course, you’ll have to have a travel bowl that can fold up so you could give your dog water and food on your travels.


No dog can be without dog toys! Squeaky balls, tennis balls, throw toys, you can pretty much find any toy imaginable for your dog.


Your dog may have special requirements for food. That would depend on the age, breed, and whether or not your dog has any health conditions.

What Are the Best Dog Supplies?

Now, you could easily spend an hour trying to figure out what the best dog leash is. When you’re buying online, it’s so important to find a resource that you trust to take care of your dog.

Anything can happen with poor quality products. Leashes and harnesses can break, and if your dog is trying to chase a rabbit or a squirrel, it will not be paying attention to what’s on the road.

What are some resources that you can turn to in order to find the best dog supplies? Check out a resource like Paw Castle.

They have everything you need to take great care of your dog. You’ll find product reviews, grooming tips, training tips and guides on handling behavior issues.

You’ll even find guides about building a dog house for your dog.

Having a resource like that will save you the time from doing all of the research yourself.

Where to Get the Best Dog Supplies

Now that you know what you need for your new dog, how can you be sure that you’re getting the best dog supplies for them?

Rather than visiting a bunch of different stores and schlepping a 40-pound bag of dog food to your house, have a seat at your computer and get ready to work.

What to Look for in an Online Pet Store

If you start off with a search, you’ll find that there are a plethora of options to choose from. Choosing the right one from the start will give you peace of mind in making sure that your dog has the best products from the best stores.

One thing you’ll have to check is shipping or delivery. Some stores charge for shipping by weight, which could end up costing more than the products themselves.

Most, however, offer free delivery or charge a small fee for the service.

Check Reviews

There’s a way to save yourself the time from visiting hundreds of online dog supply stores and check reviews online. You’ll generally see the same 2-5 names pop up on your radar.

Ask Around

You can also ask in forums specifically for dog owners. Many of them started to buy their do supplies online.

For example, one forum noted that if you buy on Amazon, you might be buying from different vendors, and not all vendors offer the same quality products.

Start Shopping for Your Dog Today

It’s quite an adjustment to have a new dog in your household. The dog is getting used to you and you’re getting used to the dog.

You can help make the dog feel welcome in your household by getting the best dog supplies for your pet.

Start by making a list of everything you need for your dog, and then do a little research to find the best supplies for your dog.

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