5 Short Hair Dog Grooming Tips You’ll Swear By

Do you know the benefits of grooming your dog? Their coat will be manageable and they’ll shed less. Dogs love a good grooming — especially by you!

But so many owners fail to groom their dog, whether in-between professional grooming or grooming a dog at all.

This is mainly with short hair dogs.

Short haired dogs aren’t as problematic as long-haired dogs and many dog owners skip over the grooming process. But grooming a short-haired dog daily is just as important.

Here are 5 short hair dog grooming tips for a beautiful pooch.

1. Brush Daily

Even short-haired dogs can get dirty fur. Debris can build up and dead or shedding hair can get all over your house. This is why it’s important to brush your dog daily. This also leaves your dog with a beautiful and shiny coat.

In addition, your dog loves getting brushed. It relaxes them and strengthens the bond between you two.

2. Bathing Your Dog Every Few Weeks

Do you bathe your dog every four weeks? Your dog doesn’t bathe itself, so it’s up to you to scrub them clean. Depending on the dog breed, you may need to wash it more often. This goes for short hair dogs.

When bathing a dog, use essential products such as a dog shampoo to protect their coat.

3. Check Your Dog’s Ears

This may seem like a silly tip, but checking their ears daily can avoid health issues along the line. Check your dog’s ear and make sure there are no signs of infection.

Are you unsure what a dog ear infection looks like? Well, you can smell it. Try and find foul odors coming from the ears.

4. Clip Your Dog’s Nails

This may seem like it’s best for the groomer — and it’s understandable why.

But your dog will trust you enough to clip its fingernails. But do so with caution — don’t cut the nails all the way. Too much clipping can cause the dog’s nails to bleed, which is painful for the dog. If your dog becomes nervous during nail clippings, check out this website for a product to calm them down.

5. Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Dental hygiene is vital for your dog. Without proper dental hygiene, your dog is at risk for several health problems. The best way to clean the plaque off your dog’s teeth is giving them special dental bones.

There are toothbrushes and toothpaste made for dogs, but there’s no guarantee your dog will enjoy this.

Time to Use These Short Hair Dog Grooming Tips

There’s no reason to wait for the next groomer’s visit to keep a happy and clean dog.

Even short-haired dogs should be groomed on a daily basis. Use these short hair dog grooming tips and your dog will be the best-looking pooch in town.

Always brush their hair and brush their teeth. Give them a bath as frequently as possible. Even minor things, such as an ear infection, can quickly escalate.

Before you visit the groomer, use these tips to always have a fresh pup.

If you want to find the best dog grooming company, check out our guide.

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