Modern Offices Interior Design: 7 Eye-Catching Tips to Make Your Office Stand Out

Did you know that a great looking office can stimulate both efficiency and creativity in your employees? Not to mention, an eye-catching office also makes you stand out to your customers. It’s a win-win.

If you’re looking at your drab office set up and feel like it’s time for a change of scenery, here are 7 modern offices interior design tips to get you started.

1. Bright Meeting Room

A bright room can not only inspire seriousness but also creativity. For this, you need to focus on the brightness level and the number of objects in the room that may distract attention.

The best thing to do with this set up is to make it as simple as you possibly can. Add a bit of grey to improve thinking compacity, and straight lines will inspire practicality.

Next, we’ll be looking at a few different styles from mid-century modern to modern Scandinavian.

2. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern office interior design shows a mixture of other design concepts like refined lines, natural shapes, and moderate silhouettes.

You want to add in various earth tones, and light shades of varying color. Throw in different furniture materials in for flavor. All of these factors will inspire an air of freedom and lightness.

This kind of atmosphere has been known to inspire an increase in the productivity of employees.

Unlike the Mid-Century Modern, the Industrial style prides itself less on freedom and lightness, and more on collaboration between employees.

3. Industrial

This is probably the most common modern office interior design set up. The industrial design does away with crowdedness, of the things inside the room.

You will enjoy large, spacious areas that allow for productivity and collaboration between your employees.

It uses metal mixed with rustic designs and greeneries in key areas to make the office highly appealing to the workers.

While the Industrial look is more rustic and inspires productivity and collaboration, the Urban modern style goes for a softer look that is great for creative thinkers.

4. Urban Modern

The urban modern design plays with various design concepts like wood, metal, and rustic styles except the urban modern style is a little different.

Urban modern uses minor draping and accessories to give the office a softer look. It adds a little more light which makes for creatives to show what they’re made out of.

Make sure to allow for wide spaces between tables, benches, and collaborative tables with added technology to make for a very practical design.

This next design concept is geared more towards women and plays with rugs and draperies a little. This design concept is known as Modern Scandinavian.

5. Modern Scandinavian

Modern Scandinavian is more geared towards women. It started out being used for woman’s catering business.

This design element is known for generous rugs and draperies. When looking at samples you will probably notice dominating white walls. This doesn’t make it boring though.

It also has a few color elements splashed in to give off an air of comfort and protectiveness. Use minimalist base furniture to really bring in the finishing touch.

Next, we’ll be getting back on track with modern furniture that will give your office a clean, and professional look.

6. Clear Desk

A clear desk will make you look like a serious and powerful person. It also shows that you have a stylish design taste. Add in other materials around it such as leather, metal, or wood, and you have a setup.

Nothing says “I mean business” like a clear desk and a tall leather chair. If you want to have a little fun with your office, get out the paints and learn how to make colors work for you.

7. Paints

You won’t need a lot of money to make a good paint design work for you. First, we’re going to talk about contrasts. You will need a good sense of mixing colors, a lot of nerve, and a sense of balance.

A great way to do this is by having every wall be one color so red perhaps and have one wall that’s a different color like black. To really bring it home, have your furniture be a contrasting color from the other two so maybe white.

If you do this right everything will look as if it has a purpose and quantity. It’s all about bringing balance to the workplace while also being unique.

If you’re really artsy, you can paint designs on your walls. All you need is a bucket of paint, and again, someone who is great with them. You don’t want sloppy work and wobbly lines.

The awesome thing about painting a design on your wall is that you get to take your office anywhere that you want it. You can paint leaves for example and bring it deep into the jungle. Do stripes to make it look spacious.

If you use colors correctly you can really inspire different moods in your workers. It’s a fun design concept to work with.

If you don’t trust yourself or another employee with the painting job, you can always hire a professional to come in and do it for you.

Modern Offices Interior Design Ideas

Offices can stimulate productivity and creativeness in your employees. Learn what office set up will be right for your company. Does your company function mainly off of collaboration? Do you need your employees to really show out with solo work? Is your company more analytical or creatively based? These are all questions you will have to ask yourself before you get started.

If you need curtains to add an extra flair to your office set up, why buy a bunch of them when you can make them yourself? Follow our blog to find out how and for more modern office interior design ideas.