Questions to Ask Your Jeweler When Buying Jewelry

Three months salary. That’s the old wives tale or modern expectation of how much someone should spend on an engagement ring.

Whether you believe that or not, it’s safe to say that buying jewelry is an investment. Even if it’s a sterling silver pair of earrings under $200. How embarrassing would it be if you got ripped off and the earrings turned the skin green?

This non-permanent green stain washes off, but the shame of getting swindled won’t. To make sure you spend your money well and that they’re happy, ask questions when you’re buying jewelry.

It’s the safest way to get something shiny!

Buying Jewelry: The Basic Questions

If you find your soulmate on the first try, you’ll only ever buy one engagement ring. If that works well, your significant might want jewelry presents for holidays or anniversaries.

Here’s a guide for any and all situations.

Ask Yourself: What are You Buying?

You know that you want to get your loved one something shiny. So what should you get? Unless you’re proposing or dedicating a promise ring – stay away from finger jewels.

If you’re already married, that’s one thing but giving a partner a ring will cause them to make assumptions.

Earrings are a good first jewelry gift. Earrings or a simple necklace!

Ask the Jeweler: Can You Help Me With Style?

If you can swing it, snap some pictures of the kind of jewelry your partner wears a lot. If you don’t know what they want, you can show your jeweler the picture and ask them for suggestions.

Asking a jeweler to find a similar style-type is a good way to make sure your partner likes their gift.

Ask Yourself: Do I trust this Business?

There are two ways you can go when it comes to buying jewelry. You can go to a chain-store you recognize from commercials or somewhere local.

Almost every town has a local jeweler. If they’re local, ask some friends what they think of them or read online reviews. Remember that people who had bad experiences are more likely to write bad reviews, so don’t get too jaded.

How did the business follow up if they had any bad reviews? Did they ignore the complaint, blame the customer, or try to rectify the issue?

That can tell you a lot about who you’re doing business with.

Ask the Jeweler: Why Should I Buy Here?

You can phrase this question in a kinder way, but you need to know that the business respects themselves. If they’re a chain, they may say “we have this many stores nationwide”.

Does that matter to you? If you don’t plan to move much, a bunch of locations is a moot point.

What about the quality and the authenticity of their gems? Do they come with source paperwork or certificates?

An online store can give you more info like this too, just browse their sitemap for an about us or FAQ page.

Ask Yourself: What Can I Spend?

Now that you’ve established trust with your jeweler, you can move on to budget. Do not go to buy someone jewelry without a max amount in mind.

You know what you can spend! If you don’t have a maximum amount in your head, you’re going to get pushed higher by the salesperson. They’re not being malicious, it’s their job to sell you whatever you’re willing to buy.

Ask Your Jeweler: To Respect Your Budget

If you walk into a store and tell them what you need, they may guide you to a counter. If they’re sensitive and have a large selection, they might ask your price range first.

Instead of saying, I’d like to spend between blank and blank amount, tell them your max. I would like to spend around $300 but $350 is my concrete absolute max.

If you picked a good business, they’ll listen.

Ask Your Jeweler: What’s Your Warranty or Repair Policy?

What happens if your purchase breaks, a stone falls out, or you get the wrong size? Does your jeweler stand behind their item once you walk out their doors?

A lot of jewelers will. If you lose a big carat diamond, don’t expect a free replacement. But if a setting comes a bit loose or you bought a big ticket item that needs resizing, it should come free.

Some businesses offer jewelry cleanings for life. At-home cleaners aren’t always gentle on stones and their settings, so if they do, take advantage of this offer!

Ask Them: What About Payment Options

You don’t want to buy jewelry with money you don’t have. It’s better to buy a starter ring that you can afford than to put things on a payment plan.

You’ll pay more in the long run and since you’ll share finances soon, they’ll see the bills.

If you do need to use a payment plan – ask this ahead of time! Don’t fall in love with a piece and spend the salespersons time just to go home empty-handed. That’s not good for anyone involved.

Ask Yourself: How do I Present This?

Let’s say you have your new jewelry in hand and you’re ready to give it to your loved one. How will you do it?

If you’re not presenting a ring, know that a small jewelry box will get someone suspicious, or their hopes up, depending on where you are in the relationship. Try writing a card that plays down the moment like, “a small gift for your ears” so they know what to expect.

Wrapping it Up:

You need to know what you can spend, what style your partner likes, and how they’ll react when you’re buying jewelry. Start by asking friends and family where they buy their pieces or read online reviews.

If you shop right, this piece will last a long time, so it’s worth the extra effort at the start.

To learn more about shopping in specific niches, browse our directory. Let us know if you see something we should cover, we’re always looking to grow!