Digging for Digital Designers: What to Look for In a Web Design Agency

During a recent study when participants were asked to describe why they mistrusted a website, 94% of the comments had to do with design.

Clearly, design elements are much more powerful than content, in terms of trust and mistrust.

Hiring a website designer is a crucial decision that will greatly impact your company. Your website is at the core of all of your online marketing and you need to find the right person that can help you turn your vision into reality.

Read on for tips to help you hire the right designer for your needs.

Look for a Website Designer That Hears You

If you go into a meeting with a website designer, and all they do is talk, walk away.

Hiring a website designer is entering into a collaboration. Your ideas matter because you are the expert on the topic.

If a web design company doesn’t take the time to hear what you are saying, you probably won’t be happy with the end product. Even if it is well-done, it may not fit what you had in mind.

Look for One Who Makes Suggestions

Yes, it’s important that UI designers listen to your vision, remember that they know design best. Their experience can provide valuable contributions that are exciting and will make your website relevant and current.

You don’t want an automaton who creates what you say, no matter what. Part of what you are paying for is their ideas on how to take your ideas to the next level. We can’t stress this enough: this relationship is a collaboration.

Read more about the importance of building strategic relationships in business.

Check out Portfolio of Live Sites

To see if a website development company can do all they say they can, check out their past work.

Visit the live websites, don’t just accept screenshots or printouts. Interact with the sites they’ve created. If you don’t like what you see, then this company is not a good match for you.

Look for Experience

You can probably find a dozen flashy, trendy web design companies that will be happy to take you on as a client. But the last thing you want is to get involved with a company that won’t be in business in a year.

The longer a company has been around, the more they have had to adapt and keep up with the fast-paced internet trends.

Then it’s better odds that they’ll be around in a year to support your site. A business like Computers Made Easy, for example, offers custom web design as well as on-site computer support.

Do They Know Enough About Conversion?

The way the website looks is important, but web development is so much more. You’ll want a design agency that knows what converts visitors.

This means proper layout, good navigation and necessary calls to action. Your UI designer needs to use proven practices to design your site. Pretty isn’t good enough.

Have Worked with Multiple Industries

It’s good when doctors specialize in a certain area, but with website development, it’s less desirable.

If a web designer has only worked with one field, it means your website will likely end up looking like a version of the other sites they created in your field.

If a web design company has experience working on websites for various industries, chances are they will make you a unique website that will reach a larger audience.

Remember, your site should stand out from competitor’s sites, not be a mirror-image of it.

Have Had Big and Small Clients

You need UI designers that have worked with local businesses as well as national (or international) brands.

You want your website to be set up for success. Even if you are a local business right now, you want your site to be designed for growth.

Uses the Latest Trends with Purpose

There’s always newer and more cutting-edge technology in SEO web design. A good web designer knows how to use the newest elements correctly. There has to be a reason for using the latest fad.

You want your website to have a good balance between the latest craze and aspects that have stood the test of time.

Focuses on Responsive Design

Responsive design is no longer an extra thing that’s nice to have. In today’s digital landscape it is absolutely necessary.

In 2018, 52% of all website visits are done on mobile devices. That’s when it’s crucial that your page is optimized for every device.

Make sure that your UI designers understand how important responsive design is before you start working with them.

Designs with CMS in Mind

A content management system like WordPress, Drupal or Magento allows you to update your site.

You will want to have control over the content once the site is live. Otherwise, you will have to call the developer for each tiny update.

Good UI designers know that CMS is necessary and will create your site with this framework. If a designer suggests a static HTML website, take your business elsewhere. You don’t have time to waste on practices from 10 years ago.

Hiring a Website Designer

We hope you found this article on hiring a website designer helpful. Keep these tips in mind when you are searching for the right company and you will find the perfect team to bring your vision to life.

Remember, the most important thing is the fit. You are entering into a business relationship with this designer, so you need to make sure that you are both on the same page. This will make the process much more enjoyable.

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