How to Pick the Right Moving Company for Your Needs

Moving can be a pain, there’s no doubt about it, but with millions of moves occurring every year, the hassles of moving have to be dealt with.

If you’re planning a move, a moving company is a must. They can help make the process less time consuming while preserving your furniture and saving your back from lifting heavy objects.

But how do you distinguish a reliable mover from the not so trustworthy moving companies? Continue reading to find out:

Do They Take Inventory?

If a moving company has a good reputation, chances are they understand the importance of taking inventory of all the belongings of their customers. The moving company should be thorough in checking all your drawers, cabinets, garage and shelves and pack everything up with care.

Do They Conduct A Careful Walk-Through?

If the moving estimator rushes through the walk-through without listening to what you are planning to move and what you’re leaving behind, or doesn’t seem to pay attention to special instructions, be wary.

A reliable mover will ask you what you plan to move to your next place, what you want moved out of the house but left for donation or to sell, and any other details you share.

A Reliable Mover Won’t Require A Big Deposit

If the moving company is trustworthy, they won’t require that you put any money down before helping you move. You should only pay the company once all of your belongs have arrived safely to their destination.

If you pay in advance, you’re left with no control over when you can expect to see your stuff again.

Watch Out For Moving Companies That Have Switched Their Name

Some moving companies will try to avoid bad reviews online or with the Better Business Bureau by doing business under more than one name. Before you hire a mover, make sure they have a local address, a history in the community with a good reputation, and that their employees answer the phone with the full name of the business.

A reliable moving company should also be fully insured and willing to back up their promise for a safe delivery of your belongings.

Seek Out References

Ideally, you can get a recommendation from a trusted friend or family member for a good moving company. If they don’t have a reference, look online for unbiased reviews, or ask the mover for references.

When you ask the mover for references, specify that you’d like to call at least 3 customers that they have moved within the last few months, and then take the time to call those customers and ask about their experience.

DFW Loading and Unloading Pro Services is one such company that has a long-standing reputation for quality service and the positive reviews to back it up.

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