Making Your Business Spine: 7 Creative Strategies for Successful Chiropractic Marketing

Cracking backs and making a patient’s body feel like it was given a rejuvenation elixir isn’t the only thing chiropractors are good at. These physicians treat a host of issues, from tennis elbow to migraines.

However, encouraging patients to realize the benefits of this practice or recruiting new individuals can be challenging, especially given some doctors’ penchants for disregarding chiropractic treatments.

Luckily, chiropractic marketing follows the same basic rules as marketing for any company. And while practitioners may not realize it, there is plenty of room for creativity.

Are you a chiropractor who’s trying to market your brand? Look no further. Our seven tips will help you get on your way to a prospering business.

7 Chiropractic Marketing Tips

Some of these tips will seem familiar simply because they’re too good to pass up: they work in almost every marketing sector. Others, however, work especially well in the medical field.

1. Blogs

If you don’t have a company website, you need one. More customers than ever use the internet to find providers and information. By creating a blog, you can market your company, create brand awareness and provide helpful knowledge to potential patients.

The benefits of blogging are numerous. Chiropractors reach their target audience by providing information on their practice and updating returning patients about any news. Blogs are an efficient way to create a connection with potential customers, and they also improve a company’s ranking because new content is continually being posted.

Even better, they are inexpensive. Many platforms offer blogging pages for free, but even a professional page that can be added to your company website is not costly.

For chiropractic companies, a blog has the added benefit of explaining the science behind adjustments and methods, which can alleviate concerns.

2. Work on Online Reviews

Nearly 90% of customers trust online reviews as much as they do a referral from a friend or family member. In fact, online reviews are becoming a quick way for customers to make important decisions.

Consequently, reviews are a strong marketing tool that can boost a company to greater heights or drag it down.

The first step in bolstering your online reviews is providing great customer service. Taking time to speak with each customer and learning names is advantageous, and apps or platforms like the one at can also help increase customer satisfaction by keeping information organized for the chiropractor.

But that’s not quite enough; after all, a customer is more likely to take the time to complain about a service rather than praise it. So it’s vital you give customers a bit of encouragement to write a review.

That encouragement can come in several forms. Simply asking is usually enough to get a happy customer online and typing, but small incentives can be beneficial, too. Consider entering everyone who submits a review into a monthly drawing.

Finally, make it easy for customers to write reviews. Provide links on the company’s website or simple directions on a handout.

3. Patient Testimonial Videos

Speaking of reviews . . .

Patient testimonial videos are effective at drawing customers. Very effective.

Videos have a high conversion rate, and they are expected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. If you don’t believe this, keep an eye out while you’re walking or sitting in public spaces. Chances are you’ll see the majority of the people around you on their cells . . . looking at videos.

If you still don’t believe us, consider these statistics: 64% of customers are more likely to purchase a product online after seeing a video about it, and embedded videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.

If you’ve blown someone away with your skills, ask if he or she minds creating a quick testimonial.

4. Patient Referral Cards

Chiropractors can do everything in their power to reach more patients, but the best marketing tool is the one you speak to every day: your clients.

New patients who arrive based on someone else’s referral are more likely to be loyal and to generate higher profit margins.

Timing is significant here, as you want to hand referral cards to happy patients. In a chiropractor’s case, consider having the office provide them to the customer once the session has ended. Patients will be much more likely to pass on the referral.

Thanking the patients who bring in customers with small gifts or offering incentive programs for referrals also increases a program’s effectiveness.

5. Free Adjustments on Social Media

Social media has become one of the largest marketing tools ever seen, and chiropractors can take advantage of these platforms.

Offering free adjustments or perks for first-time patients is a quick, easy way to spread the company’s name. Tack a shareable button to the free adjustment, post it on all social media accounts (as well as your website and blog) and watch the results. Followers will see the post and share it.

The effectiveness of online, shareable coupons shows all too well how impactful these methods are, and sharing now drives 33% of online searches.

6. Sponsor Local Groups

Sponsoring other health groups or events and permitting them to meet or offer services in your office is an excellent way to heighten your company’s reputation and encourage new clients.

One benefit of this type of marketing is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Chiropractors can choose to offer free services or time rather than money.

Not only does sponsoring look great while fostering community relations, but it also heightens brand recognition and increases positive connections to the company.

7. Community Events

One last marketing method is through community events. Many hospitals and offices offer free screenings for things like diabetes or hernias. A chiropractor can offer similar services in their area.

Free spinal screenings, for instance, increase awareness about health issues and encourage future visits.

The Illinois Chiropractic Society warns practitioners should always check for legal issues before proceeding with such an event. However, the amount of patients such an event brings far outweighs this step.

Cracking Back to Success

These seven methods aren’t the only ones up your sleeve. For other healthcare marketing tips, be sure to read our article. It highlights 10 methods that can boost your company’s reputation and increase your customer base.

Chiropractic marketing does not have to be limited to direct mail campaigns or email newsletters. Be creative, have fun and let your company “spine.”

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