10 Tips for Marketing Healthcare Services

All businesses need to be promoted, regardless of what service or product is offered. Getting the word out to potential customers and keeping up with your competitors can be challenging.

Marketing healthcare services are needed to keep new patients coming in and stay competitive with others offering the same or similar services. This is even more important when you are just starting out.

You have a unique opportunity when marketing healthcare services to promote your services in a professional and dignified way. It informs people that you are there and ready to help them.

Let’s take a look at some ways that work best for your healthcare facility.

1. Website

Set up a great website that shows off your clinic, your services, and your contact information. Make it easy to navigate, and allow people to contact you directly through the web page.

2. Pictures

Show pictures of your work. Before and after pictures of work you have done are the best resume you can have. When people are looking to have improvements done, they want to know what to expect.

These are easy to do and don’t cost anything. Whether it is teeth whiting or a tummy tuck, people like to see the results. It makes it more trustworthy.

3. Video

A video has the ability to reach so many people in the age of ‘going viral’. A nice, professional video showing your clinic, a personal message from you and your staff and information about your business.

These videos can be added to your website, posted on youtube and sent through all your social media platforms. People are far more apt to watch a video than reading something.

4. Testimonials

A good word from actual patients can go a long way to sell your business. These can be used in videos, in print, and on your website. They are believable and people like to see satisfied customers.

You can find testimonials on the company’s website, like this website, or on forums for healthcare services. People love to talk on forums and rate businesses and service. They tend to be more honest, if not aggressive online, where they can remain anonymous. A bad review for your competitor can be good news for you.

5. Ads

A quick, tasteful commercial on local stations, a radio spot, or ads placed in appropriate print format can also reach a lot of people. Medical magazines, newspapers and local newsletters can be very effective.

You can place ads on the internets, as well. Connect with other healthcare professionals to places ads on their website or blog. You may be able to place one of theirs, and then you both win at no extra costs.

6. Newsletter or Blog

Sending out a newsletter, via email or a blog connected to your website is a great idea to keep your information current. By sending it to patients and to potential patients, you are reaching a great many people.

Suggest to the patient who just had a procedure done to forward the newsletter to their friends or family to encourage them to inquire about services that could help them.

7. Brochures

A well-done glossy brochure can be placed anywhere and are a low-cost and effective way to advertise.

Weight Loss Clinics

You can leave your brochures at weight loss centers or clinics. making arrangements with the clinic is a great way to get the word out in a gentle, unobtrusive way.


Hospitals are the best place to find people in the market for healthcare services. Some of your brochures in the waiting areas, common rooms, and atriums will reach people and give people something to look at while waiting.

Other Healthcare Partners

If your clinic is in a medical facility with other healthcare offices, share the marketing with them. They take your brochures, you take some of theirs. People will notice them while waiting for their appointment or their loved ones.

8. Community Involvement

Sponsoring an event, club or group in your community is a great way to get your name known and give back. This could be anything from participating in a medical conference to a local parade.

Sponsoring a local event or group, like the little league baseball team shows you care and are community minded. It is a great way to get your services known. Participate in events, as well. You can set up a booth or table at any local event.

These can be food or music festivals, or even educational events. it is an easy and very inexpensive way to market your healthcare service and you might even have a good time.

9. Deals for Referrals

Asking patients or other healthcare providers to give referrals is a great way to get customers, but you can offer incentives, as well. Offering a discount or a free consultation with a referral.

Working in conjunction with other healthcare provides is another way to get new patients. You each refer each other’s services, keeps the word out and gets your brand known.

10. Word of Mouth

The good old good word approach is still alive and well. This happens automatically when you have a happy client. They will talk about their service and those people will listen.


You can encourage your patients to leave reviews online, either on your website, or other forums and review sites. it’s important to read these, even the bad ones. It is the best way to make improvements and keep patients happy.

Marketing Healthcare Services

All marketing rules apply to healthcare service as they do to anything else. You can produce some great, easy, inexpensive and ethical ways to market healthcare services.

Certain medical procedures may be a touchy subject for certain potential clients, and they want to know they can trust you. Give them those reasons with clever and professional marketing healthcare services.

Healthcare services are a necessary part of everyone’s life, so why not make it easier for them to find you by being smart about your marketing. Providing great customer service is the first step.

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