5 Features To Look For When Choosing a Web Hosting Service

When getting a website off the ground, we usually put a lot of emphasis into its design. All too often, we neglect another large feature of a site’s success: finding a great web hosting service.

However, this isn’t a task we should take lightly. Without a good web host, your site will not operate as it should, drawing away visitors. That’s where outsourced hosts who manage cloud-based websites come in.

Don’t just rely on any help, though. You need to be diligent in choosing a host, as a site’s functionality is crucial to its success. Here are five features to look for when choosing a web host provider.

1. Great Customer Service

The internet never sleeps, and neither does your site. This means that an error can occur at any time of any day, so you need to be prepared.

Your web hosting service should provide 24/7 support, like this website, in case of any mishap. Before you sign up, try contacting the customer service line a few times to see how fast their response is.

2. Amount of Storage and Bandwidth

Storage and bandwidth are often grouped together although they have their differences. Storage reflects how much data can be stored, while bandwidth is the number of uploads/downloads your visitors can make.

Several gigabytes is usually enough for most smaller to medium sized websites. Be sure to inquire with hosts that offer “unlimited storage until over normal usage”.

3. Uptime

Most web host services provide a specific amount of uptime they guarantee their clients. This shows just how large their margin of error can be. Look for a host that has a guaranteed uptime of at least 99.999%.

Even 1% of downtime will result in nearly 100 minutes of lost site usage per week. Also, make sure they provide specific resources for combatting site errors and power outages.

4. Your Growth

Once you begin uploading content, you may find you’re attracting thousands of visitors. Your web host needs to be able to scale with your site as it grows.

You should have options to upgrade your account to accommodate to large databases. Not all hosts can keep up, so make sure you’re inquiring about their own capacity. In some cases, it may be better to opt for a larger-scale web host.

5. Easy-Install and Support

Most web hosts rely on WordPress, which is a fairly easy site to navigate through. But, if a provider offers another platform, you need to play around on the site before committing.

Also, inquire what the installation process is like. A lot of companies will provide you with a one-step install function, but not all. Ask how their support staff will guide you through this process.

Find a Web Hosting Service

A great web hosting service is more than just it’s product. You need to find a service staff that’s willing to work with you to create the best site you guys can.

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