5 Dog Vacation Care Boarding Options Responsible Pet Owners Should Consider

Have you ever shelved your vacation plans because you can’t take your dog with you?

It’s difficult to leave your pets behind when traveling, but they could have just as much fun as you – if you chose the best dog vacation care for them.

Deciding where to put your dog while you go on holiday can be stressful. Plus, you also need to know your dog’s personality to determine a great spot for them.

Is your dog sociable with other dogs? Does your puppy get scared around older people, walking sticks, beards, or loud noises? Do they suffer from separation anxiety? Does your dog need plenty of belly rubs every day to feel happy?

Understanding your dog’s needs will help you choose the right place for them to stay while you’re on vacation. Keep reading to find out which boarding options are available for your dog.

Boarding Kennels

The least expensive option, boarding kennels mean your dog is kept in a kennel cage for most of the day. If you have more than one dog, a boarding kennel will usually offer a larger cage to house them both together to avoid separation.

The cage might be fully indoors and temperature regulated, or some may have an outdoor run attached too. There’ll be plenty of toys and a bed, but you’ll be able to bring your dog’s favorite toys and bedding to help them settle in.

Most kennels will walk dogs separately every day, which is ideal for pups who aren’t confident or are aggressive towards other dogs.

Kennels will have set feeding times, and you’ll also be able to supply your own food if your dog has a special diet.

The downside of kennels is that there is less one-to-one time than with other dog vacation care options. There are many dogs to look after, and the staff can only spend a limited amount of time with your dog each day.

In-Home Boarding

A home-from-home experience for your dog, this is where you can take your pet to stay at someone’s home for the duration of your vacation.

Some may have other dogs staying at the same time while others are a one-family setup. Check which one your host offers – especially if your dog is anxious around other dogs.

A good way to see if your dog will take to group home boarding without you around is to take them to doggy day care for supervised playtime.

At-home boarding means your dog will have plenty of one-to-one time, long daily walks, and a feeding regimen suited to your dog’s familiar routine.

Pet Sitting

Your final option is to keep your dog at home! Instead of sending your dog to an unfamiliar environment while you’re on vacation, arrange for a pet sitter to stay at your home.

Someone will come to stay at your house while you’re away to maintain your dog’s routine. They will provide exclusive care to your dog, meaning plenty of belly rubs and games of fetch!

Questions to Ask Your Dog Vacation Care Host

Whichever option suits your dog’s needs the best, you’ll need to ask these questions to make sure your pet will get top customer care while you’re away.

  • How many walks will my dog get every day?
  • What is the feeding regimen?
  • What happens if there is a veterinary emergency?
  • Will my dog be with other dogs or always kept separate?
  • Do you spend time playing with my dog?
  • Is daily grooming included?
  • What certifications do you have?
  • Can I speak to a previous customer for a testimonial?

A good dog vacation care host will be able to answer all of these, and any other questions you have, in detail.

If the idea of leaving your dog behind is just too much to bear, take them on vacation with you! There are lots of dog-friendly vacation options: check out how to find a rented cabin for a wonderful woodland vacation with your pooch!

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