Compensation Claims 101: When It’s Time to Call a Lawyer

Getting injured on the job is one of the worst things that can happen to an employee. It means extended periods out of work, big medical bills, and uncertainty.

Injured workers shouldn’t have to worry about how they’ll pay their medical bills. Nor should they have to worry about how they’ll support their families while out of work.

But sometimes people’s compensation claims get denied or something goes awry in the process. This unfortunate scenario is all too common. And it leaves thousands without income and benefits like health insurance.

It is possible to file a compensation claim individually. But it always helps to have the support of a lawyer.

A lawyer can make sure a claim gets filed correctly and that an employee gets the compensation he or she deserves! These are the signs that indicate when a lawyer needs to step in…

When They’re Permanently out of Work

Workers who sustained permanent injuries on the job are entitled to their lost wages. They typically receive 2/3 of their weekly wages periodically or as a lump sum.

But employers and insurance companies don’t usually want to pay for this. Many permanently injured employees get terminated and lose their income as a result.

Those with life-changing injuries can get the best compensation with the right attorney. That way if a legal battle ensues, they have support and can fight for what they deserve.

When Their Claim Gets Denied

Workers compensation claims can get denied for different reasons.

Often claims are denied because they weren’t filed in time. Other times employers or insurance companies dispute and deny the claims.

A lawyer can appeal denied compensation claims. This way, an employer can’t deny them again, so the injured employee is compensated fairly.

When a Third Party Is Involved

In some cases, an injury on the job involves a negligent third party.

Third parties can be any individual or company that plays a role in the injury. It can be anyone from a pedestrian to an employee of another company working alongside.

And in these cases, the injured may be able to sue in addition to their worker’s compensation. A lawyer can make a third party claim and get compensation to the injured from all involved.

When a Settlement Is Too Low

All too often settlements are made but leave the injured scrimping to get by.

Sometimes injured employees settle for an amount, but they don’t know what’s enough. This can leave them having to pay out of pocket for medical treatment down the line.

Other times one’s salary is miscalculated. Or they don’t know which benefits they’re entitled to depending on when they can return to work.

This is where workers compensation lawyers come in. They can look at any case and determine what each individual is entitled to.

It’s always best to contact a lawyer as early as possible in a case. That way a settlement is fair, sustainable, and appropriately calculated.

When Their Employer Has Punished Them

Anyone terminated, demoted, or punished for filing a claim needs a lawyer. Plain and simple.

Many fear their employers will retaliate against them. It’s the biggest reason why they decide not to file compensation claims altogether.

Injured employees will instead use up sick days and vacation time. They’ll do anything to tend to the injury and not risk losing their jobs.

It’s illegal, however, to fire someone because they’ve filed a workers compensation claim. But employers know they don’t have to fire someone for this reason alone.

Anyone who suspects retaliation needs to get in touch with a lawyer. If someone waits to talk to a lawyer and to file a lawsuit, they may lose the right to file due to statutory limitation.

Compensation Claims Lawyers Help Workers Get What They Deserve

People tend to shy away from the idea of hiring a lawyer after sustaining an injury on the job. Most people see lawyers as expensive or as the sign of the beginning of a court battle.

While it is possible for someone to file their own claim, this is not always the best route. Doing so can prevent individuals from getting the compensation and benefits they deserve.

In the long run, contacting a local lawyer after getting injured on the job is the smartest thing anyone can do. But when the signs are there, it’s time to call a lawyer as soon as possible.

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