How to Market a Service as a Chiropractor

Most people only go to a chiropractor after they’ve been in some sort of serious accident or in order to maintain mobility as they age. Some do it if they’re aware of an issue in their spine like scoliosis. Others end up at a chiropractic office because they know it can help with their migraines.

But, if you have certain services that aren’t getting as many patients as you hoped, it’s time to rethink your marketing strategies. If you want to differentiate the kind of clients you see and all the things you do for them, you have to promote every single service you offer.

Here’s how to market a service as a chiropractor.

Invest in a Strong Digital Marketing Campaign

One of the best ways to market a service these days is to go online. But, the same website you had created 10 years ago isn’t going to work. Not to mention, online marketing doesn’t stop there.

You have to focus on all of the following to have a strong digital campaign.

Blogging, Social Media, and Web Design

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly, load quickly, and have an interesting set up to it – like the Meridian Chiropractor site does. Such efforts make it more attractive to users and search engines, which are what help potential chiropractic clients find you in the first place.

Once all the web design details are taken care of, start thinking of your campaign in terms of the big picture. Ask yourself how you can use blogging and social media to have a better online presence. The more you dig into this, the more you will find all kinds of incredible marketing opportunities.

The main things to begin with, though, are starting a blog for your business and finding the right social media channel for you. Write as many blog posts about being a chiropractor and the benefits of chiropractic care as you can. Post a few of them each week to keep up regular blogging activity.

Do the same thing with your social presence. Find the channel that works for you and make an effort to engage there every single day. Then, you can start expanding your social presence until you’re on all the major social channels.

Creating Partnerships and Building Authority

The cool thing about blogging and social media is that you don’t have to build your presence entirely alone.

You can hire guest bloggers to provide content for your site, or submit your own content to other blogs in order to build more exposure. These are two distinct tactics, but they each contribute to the overall goal of building traffic for your site.

Another worthy partnership to look into is social media advertising. This is when you pay someone with a large number of followers to talk about the service you want to highlight. They will mention going to your chiropractic office and their experience, kind of how word of mouth used to work back in the day.

Email Marketing

The final digital resource to take advantage of is email marketing.

Email allows you to take the conversation from your website, blog, and social media channels and make it more personal. It’s a way to stay relevant in the minds of your current and potential patients.

Send out a newsletter every week or each month to touch base with your audience. Let them know about any new services you have going on and use this as a chance to welcome new team members or talk about a recent blog post, too.

This is a great way to build more interest in your services as a whole. Sending regular emails increases your brand recognition and loyalty, which get more people in the door and trying the chiropractic services that they haven’t already.

Use Print Advertising

As valuable as digital marketing is, it hasn’t completely replaced print advertising. There’s value in using this tool to figure out how to market services too.

Below are a few of the main print opportunities to take advantage of.


You never know how many customers you can reach when one person takes a brochure. They may find the new service you’ve been trying to highlight through this form of advertising. They could also use a brochure to introduce a new patient to your office.

Your patient could give a brochure to their sister-in-law, their coworker, or someone from their adult sports league. They may find themselves talking about the benefits you’ve given them in the gym or while picking up the kids from school, too.

But, word of mouth isn’t always enough to convince a new patient to come in. When someone hands them a brochure, though, their interest is more likely to be peaked enough for them to schedule a new patient visit.

Business Cards

Although brochures are beneficial to your business, not everyone is going to take one. Some people like to grab a simple business card instead.

As such, make sure you have plenty of these available with your name front and center. Business cards have the same potential to do what brochures can, and more!

Think about it: a business card can easily end up in one of those fishbowl drawings for free things or pinned on a coffee shop corkboard somewhere. Even if you didn’t put it there, all the hands a business card passes through to get from your office to such end-points are valuable marketing opportunities for you.


Another valuable form of print advertising is making banners.

Get a banner to put right outside of your office if you’re in a tight space – like a strip mall or somewhere that’s right off a busy road. This will make more people turn their heads as they pass by.

More so, banners are great to put up in areas other than your office. You can use them as marketing opportunities when you sponsor your child’s high school football team or help pitch in for a new little league fan stand.

Every bit of exposure counts, even the ones that seem the most simple.

Make Yourself Known in Your Local Community

Speaking of sponsoring a sports team or helping out around town, there’s much benefit to doing some good for the community. It may be time to start planning team volunteering events more often, or to tell more people in your personal network that you’re looking for ways to expand your business.

Such conversations to lead to local opportunities like the chance to sponsor events and support other businesses. Plus, you can use your local community as a chance to target specific members like teachers, active responders, or senior citizens.

Here’s a closer look at each option.

Sponsor Events

Is there a huge parade coming up? Are your friends talking about the 5K they want to run with their families or the summer concert series going on in your town?

These are great events to sponsor.

Sponsorship donations can provide all kinds of marketing opportunities. Some of them will mean you get your logo on every volunteer’s shirt. Others will allow you to put up a big banner at the event.

You can even discuss the opportunity of offering mini massages and simple adjustments for event attendees. This not only creates more exposure for your services, but it allows you to give future clients a taste of what they can expect when visiting your office.

Support Other Businesses

Sometimes, the best sponsorship opportunity comes in the form of partnership.

Is there a restaurant you buy staff meals from every single Friday? Do you usually get chiropractic referrals from a certain physician in town? These are connections worth creating mutual benefit from.

Talk to the businesses you already work with about ways to create more clients for each other. You may be surprised to find out how effective the ideas you come up with are.

Offer Appreciation Specials

You know how some people end up in your office after a car crash or a work injury? Well, have you thought about offering giveback specials for the people in your community who put a strain on their body every day?

Think about the hard labor construction workers do or the physical challenges of working in the service industry, not to mention being a first responder or part of a hospital staff. These jobs are not easy by any means.

Try doing specials for people in such lines of work every month or after a major event has hit town – like a hurricane or flood.

How to Market a Service as a Chiropractor: Work with the Professionals!

It’s definitely not the same thing to know what makes a stellar chiropractor service as to know how to market a service you’ve just introduced to your office. One is all about the proper medical training and assessing your clients’ needs, and the other comes down to marketing and advertising.

As such, it may be in your best interest to hire someone to do this for you. In the same way that your patients come to you for chiropractic care, you may need to hand the marketing reins over to someone else.

To look for a marketing team in your area, click here!

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