Get the Coverage You Need: Your Quick Guide to Roof Insurance Claims

It’s not every day you come home to a leaky ceiling or a fallen tree on your roof. Such situations happen few and far between, but it is possible that they can happen to you.

This is especially true if you live in an area where there are plenty of strong winds and heavy rain. Snow can cause roof damage too, as can a tornado.

Whatever the reason you end up with roof damage, though, you have to know how to file roof insurance claims. This is the most effective way to make your home safe and sound again without causing a strain on your wallet.

Here are three simple steps to filing a claim.

1. Assess the Damage

Before you get into the ins and outs of your insurance contract and who you need to contact, take a walk around the house. Go outside and assess the damage that’s happened to your home.

If you need to get on the roof for a closer look, be very careful. The last thing you want to do is create more damage or end up hurting yourself. Be sure to take pictures while you’re up there to support your roof insurance claim.

You may want to hire a roofing contractor just to get an assessment. This way, you know exactly what’s going on with your roof and all the repairs you need to file a claim for. Not to mention, a contractor’s report is a good thing to have when giving your roof insurance company proof of damage.

You can also get the consultation of a roof repair company, like Roof Rescue, LLC, before moving forward with the actual repairs.

2. Read Your Terms of Coverage

The next thing to do is dive into your terms of coverage. Find out just how much your roof insurance covers and how they process payments.

Some will need you to pay a certain amount up-front until they begin to cover your repairs. Others will require you to pay everything out of pocket, then have you file a claim to get some of your money back. At times, you may get all of your money back or not even need to put a penny down until the insurance kicks in.

3. File a Claim

If you have questions about payments and coverage, get everything cleared up before you file your claim. This way, you’re able to make the filing process as stress-free as possible.

The more questions you ask upfront, the more knowledgeable you are about everything moving forward. It allows you to handle the claims process with ease and to focus more on the actual repairs of your home than the paperwork for them.

How to Make Roof Insurance Claims Super Simple

Here’s the best way to handle roof insurance claims: get a good home insurance deal! Make an educated insurance decision the second you move into a home or that your old plan’s contract is up.

The research and comparisons between home insurance companies now can save you a significant amount of money later. Click here to find some in your area.

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