8 Amazing Text Message Templates For Marketing

Text message marketing has eight times the response rate of email marketing. It’s effective for many reasons, including its cost, speed, and interactivity.

Like content marketing blogging, SMS marketing is still a new field, so approaches to it are all over the map. Try it for long enough and you’ll crave an organized plan.

That’s where a text message templates comes in handy. But not all templates are created equal. We’ve found eight you can implement immediately that will get across your message with the efficiency this platform is becoming known for.

Accessible Approaches to the Text Message Template

Try these templates in the situations where they are appropriate. They’ll simplify your messaging (pun intended) and help keep your brand strong.

1. The Appointment Reminder Template

Businesses that will want to use this template include doctors’ offices and hair salons.

[Business type] appointment reminder: You have a [type of appointment] appointment tomorrow at [time] with [service provider]. If you have any questions, please call [phone number].

2. The Event Template

Promoters will find this template handy.

[Industry-related greeting, e.g. “Enjoy maximum summer vibes” for a music festival] at [event]. [Event details]. Call or email [phone number and email address] to reserve your ticket.

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3. The Sales Template

This is a helpful template for nearly any provider of goods or services.

[Business] is offering [sale or discount]. Visit [business] today for more information.

4. Content Engagement Template

This is a way to engage deeper with your client base on the issues that matter to them.

If you’d like to [business-related action, e.g. “take a fitness challenge” for a gym], text back TRY.

5. Loyalty Program Template

This template helps you retain existing customers for repeat business.

Thanks for using [business]. Take advantage of an exclusive offer for loyal customers by texting [code] to [number].

6. Delivery Notification Template

This template is more specific than some of the others on this list. Delivery services such as UPS and Postmates may find it most helpful, though of course we offer it to you to take advantage of on the independent-business level.

Your [type of delivery] has arrived at [destination address]. Reply if you have any questions.

7. Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Find out what your customers really think by offering them the comfort of facelessness, if not exactly anonymity.

Hi! Thanks for taking our survey. First, please confirm your name, [type of service used], and [date service was used].

Thank you. Please rate our service on a scale of 1 to 10.

[Individual follow-ups regarding specific aspects of service may be appropriate.]

8. Donation Template

Nonprofits can take advantage of this template right away.

Free message: To confirm your [dollar amount] donation to [organization], reply YES.

Text Short and Prosper

Remember, with texting, the rule of thumb is: the shorter, the sweeter. Thankfully, using a text message template like the ones we’ve laid out above can keep the length of your communication in check. Use any one of them to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

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