7 Smart Real Estate Branding Tips

If you own a real estate business, you know how difficult it can be to stand out from the crowd, even in a small local market. But did you know that some simple branding changes can get you noticed in all the right ways?

After all, branding is how potential and current customers identify your company. The more recognizable and positive your branding is, the more customers you will receive and retain.

Check out the following seven real estate branding tips that will set your business up for success. Let’s get started!

1. Focus on Customer Service

What does customer service have to do with real estate branding? Everything. After all, your company’s brand is its public image, and in many cases, that starts with customer service.

Take Comcast’s blunderous and cringe-worthy recorded cancellation phone call for example. Their representative’s aggressive tone and unhelpful nature are now intrinsically connected with their brand due to the call’s viral nature.

On the other hand, consider a brand like Trader Joe’s. Their company is renowned for their excellent, friendly customer service. And if you’ve ever been in one of their stores, you know that this top-notch service is something that you can expect each and every time.

As you can see, the level of customer service which your company provides will either increase your brand awareness in a good way or a bad way. The direction that it goes is up to you.

2. Keep It Real

Authenticity is one of the most underrated and powerful brand awareness strategies out there. What do we mean by this?

This method is all about focusing on the fact that your company is run by, and employed with, real people. After all, no one likes canned responses and overly-formal communications.

Without being too casual, focus on keeping it real when building brand awareness for your real estate business. The more authentic your company is with its client base, the better your brand’s reputation will be.

3. Get on Social Media

There are over two billion social media users worldwide. If your real estate business isn’t represented on these platforms, you’re missing out on a huge branding opportunity.

In fact, social media is the perfect place to implement the strategies above. You can provide excellent customer service by responding to customer comments, and you can humanize your brand by keeping it real with your posts.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms that are useful for real estate branding. You can post about fresh listings, congratulate buyers about their new homes, and update your followers about what your agents are up to.

You can even get creative by making funny videos with your employees. You never know, they could go viral and increase your brand awareness by millions overnight!

4. Consistency Is Key for Successful Real Estate Branding

When your real estate company’s branding is all over the place, people will have a hard time processing it and identifying it in the future. For successful brand recognition, make sure that each aspect of your business’ branding is complimentary. From the flag outside of your office to your business cards and website, uniformity is an absolute must.

If you have some work to do, consider a re-brand. Focus on what you want your company’s branding to communicate to the public. Pick the brains of your team, choose one direction, and go all the way with it.

5. Connect Your Brand with Inspiration and Charity

Because the mental association is the driving force behind brand recognition, ask yourself this question. What do I want my brand to be associated with in the public eye? Sure, you want to be associated with providing excellent service in the real estate world, but what else?

Consider connecting your business’ brand with inspiration and charity. Imagine this: when people see your real estate signs around town, they instantly remember an event your company hosted for a great cause. This is amazing branding and it’s empowering for your local community.

For an even more personal touch, involve your employees directly. What charities or causes are near and dear to their hearts? Find out how you can be of service and get your brand out there in a positive way.

6. Personalize Your Brand

We’ve already reviewed how to humanize your brand, but truly personalizing it will take your branding to the next level. How can your business achieve this? By going behind-the-scenes!

After all, there are few things people love more than getting a sneak peek at what goes on behind the curtains of any company. So, show them all the hard work that goes into the real estate business and let them get to know your employees on a deeper level. This will establish and build trust, boost your brand recognition, and allow you to advertise new properties as well!

Social media is an excellent platform for this. You can also showcase your realtors’ personalities on your website like Sun Mountain Realty does. This is a great way to connect with the public.

7. Find Trusted Brands to Partner With

Buddying up with complimentary local brands is an excellent way to increase your brand’s visibility. Think of co-branding like being in a power couple.

This partnership should be a natural pairing. For example, considering branding partners Benjamin Moore and Pottery Barn. One is a paint company and one is a home goods store- it’s a match made in heaven.

Together you can use this brand awareness strategy to create exclusive deals and to introduce a new audience to your company. Get creative!

You Are What Your Branding Says You Are

Remember, real estate branding is all about perception. It’s in your control how your company is perceived by the public.

For the greatest success, focus on providing excellent customer service, humanizing and personalizing your brand, being consistent, hosting charitable events, and partnering with other local brands. Oh, and don’t forget to create social media content as often as possible!

Want more information? Check out the branding section of our blog. We have tons of articles there that will help you every step of the way.

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