10 Cool Flag Ideas for Advertising Outside Your Business

There is no denying that signage can help your business. Letting people know about sales, new items or the daily special is integral to making sales. Chalkboards, signs, flags, whatever it takes to bring the customers in.

There is a store selling Persian carpets in Gastown, Vancouver, Canada. The sign outside says, ‘Going Out of Business Sale’. When a passerby asked the man in traditional garb outside the store if he was in fact, closing, the man replied, ‘Yes, my Dear. For 23 years now.’

People love a bargain. We will take a look at flags and some great flag ideas for increasing business. There are several different types to choose from, and a lot of creative ways to put them to use.

Great Flag Ideas

Advertising flags come in a lot of different sizes, materials and you have a lot of options for what you wish to put on them.

Why Use Flags

1. Branding

Your most important reason for using a flag is to remind people of your company. Getting your own symbol out there in the public eye and in their minds will help reinforce that.

Repetition is possible with the use of flags, whether at your actual location or away from it. People see your symbol and it reminds them of you without them realizing it.

2. Information

The ability to let people know what is going on without them coming into the store. A large sign that tells people items are at half price is a good way to get them in.

3. Mobility

The flexibility with flags is a huge benefit. You can have several types or different flag for different occasions. Simply place the flags you need for that day. They don’t take up too much storage space.

They are light enough to move around, which is perfect for utilizing space, changing the signage and for setting up and taking down each day. Easy to transport to events, and put away at the end of the day.

What to Put on Them

You don’t need to stop at just one flag. You can have several made up, each for several different occasions. The most important idea would be to keep it simple. People are looking at these as they walk past, and won’t remember anything if they are overwhelmed with too much information.

4. Company Colors

A nice flag with your company colors looks nice, doesn’t hit anyone over the head with branding and are easy enough to make. It’s a great way to get your company into people’s minds, just by using your colors.

5. Company Logo

With your company colors or your name, should be your logo. It’s what you are all about. It’s effective because people can see it even if they are not in your store. If they see it enough, they remember you.

Where to use Flags

Flags are great for using almost anywhere you have floor space, for attracting attention outside or away from your actual location.

6. Events

Events that you are hosting or any type of event you are attending. Sales on your premises, an annual event or hosting any time of concert, sale or meeting. This is particularly helpful in a conference center where you can use your flags with your logos to guide people to the event.

Trade shows, where competition is everywhere allows you to get your name and logo out to attract attention where there are a lot of people who don’t know where to look next. Grab them with your great flags.

Community events, like a summer festival, where you are participating without really selling can be very effective, as well. Your flag will get noticed and your brand will be remembered.

7. Sponsorship

Sponsoring an event or function in the community is great for your business. It’s an opportunity to get your brand connected to an event, do something nice for the community and still promote your company.

You can get special flags made for the event, like a race or some type of fundraiser, that supports the cause. There are some great flag ideas with this service for specialty flags.

8. Point-of-Sale

Having some extra signage at the front counter where people have their wallets out is a clever way to advertise more sales. This is great if you are in a larger space, to remind customers to visit another area of the business.

They may not have noticed that a certain item was on sale, so a flag at the cash or near the exit will remind them. They may want to purchase one now or remember to make a return visit.

9. Entrance

Several larger flags at the entrance of the store can let people know about special events that are happening now or coming up. It can alert them to sales happening, so they will stay in the store longer, looking for the items.

10. Off-Site

If you are in store in a shopping center, you can have the flags placed out in the main aisles to attract the attention of people walking past. It’s a great idea if you are off the main strip, or out of the direct foot traffic.

Equally, if you are down a side street, you can place the flags at the top of the street, to guide customers down to your business. A large, brightly color flag can attract attention from several blocks away.

Wave Your Flag

Branding with flags can really be an inexpensive and effective way to keep your company current. There are so many great flag ideas for all businesses and occasions.

Whether you are just starting out in business or have been around for years, it’s always smart to use more advertising. Flags are an easy way that won’t eat up your advertising budget.

A simple design and a color or two will be enough to allow people to remember you and your brand. Keep it simple, clean and to the point.

Your logo is the face of your company, so you want to get it right. If you need more information on getting your logo done professionally, please keep reading here.

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