3 Reasons to Hire a Professional to do Your Logo Design

More than 80% of American adults admit to being loyal to at least one brand.

Successful businesses value their brand identity more than anything. And a logo serves as the face of a brand, so companies know it’s critical to get it right. For example, soft drink juggernaut Pepsi spent approximately $1 million to redesign their logo in the late 2000’s.

Having trouble deciding whether you should hire a professional graphic designer to make a logo for your business? Read on to find out why working with a pro is a much better idea than trying to do it on your own.

1. It Helps Your Brand Stand Out

Nowadays, you won’t have a hard time finding a free logo maker or cheap design software. As a result, you may end up asking, “Why hire a graphic designer?”

Sure, saving money on your logo seems tempting. But when you do a DIY logo, you often look at other companies in your industry for inspiration or use generic templates. This may lead to a logo design that’s too similar to that of a competitor, or one that appeals to you, not necessarily your target audience.

A memorable logo, however, must stand out from the crowd. This is something professionals can help you accomplish, as they create tailor-made logos from scratch.

2. It Allows You to Save Time

Each week, entrepreneurs work about 60% more than the typical worker. When you’re this busy, you don’t have much time and energy to spend on designing a worthwhile logo.

A pro can dedicate their time to make a logo that’s a perfect fit for your business. Due to their experience, it won’t take long for them to come up with an eye-catching design either.

Plus, many professional graphic designers, like FittDesign Logo Service, allow unlimited revisions. If you don’t like the first draft, they’ll tweak the design until it meets your expectations. Therefore, you don’t have to waste time editing it yourself.

3. It’s Better to Get It Right the First Time

When Gap unveiled a new logo design in 2010, it only took one week for them to rethink their decision. Public outcry forced them to revert back to the iconic logo that was the face of their brand for three decades.

As a small business, you’ll benefit from making a strong first impression. You’re better off aiming for a logo that will stand the test of time, much like Gap’s did.

Avoid going for a cheap design that you’ll have to redo in a few years. Not only will it cost you time and money, but having an inconsistent face will make your brand less recognizable too.

Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

Designing your own logo seems like a great way to save money in the short term. However, you’ll reap more benefits in the long run if you hire a professional graphic designer.

To end up with a logo you love, be sure to provide the designer with detailed feedback. While you want them to have plenty of creative freedom, it’s impossible for them to figure out what you’re looking for if you don’t give them enough input.

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