8 Benefits of Investing in Farm Utility Vehicles

Modern farm work continues to challenge farmers and ranchers. With more to do in the same space and more demand to get it done and still have some day left, you need to look for any advantage you can get.

Fortunately, the technology powering land management has come a long way from the horse and plow. Farm utility vehicles provide more than just time benefits.

Transportation of people and tools is crucial to more work being done over a larger area.

Check out this list of benefits you can gain by getting started with the modern line of farming vehicles.

Farm Utility Vehicles Benefits

Every business needs to find ways to save money. But money isn’t the only resource worth saving. Time and effort both factor into a profitable and rewarding farm or ranch.

For money specific ideas and other great investments read here.

The best farm utility vehicle provides several of these benefits at once. that more than doubles your equipment investment.

1. Compact Power

Many farm vehicles need a lot of torque and power to complete heavy jobs. Some UTVs and ATVs provide adequate power for small to medium jobs while maintaining a compact size.

Whether it is moving a large object or pushing and pulling a rig, they have enough horsepower to do the job and not strain the user or the machine.

2. Fuel Efficient

Lighter builds and smaller profiles contribute to the fuel efficiency of good farm vehicles.

Don’t worry about power sources either. Modern UTVs can be purchased with engines ready to run diesel, gas, or even electric. Whichever source works best for you, they provide a solid return on work to fuel use.

Fuel efficiency also means fewer fill-ups so less time spent tracking back when work needs to be done. This is especially true of modern electric farm utility vehicles which can recharge with solar power sources while parked.

3. Lightweight

The smaller frames and pliable but strong materials of a utility vehicle provide several benefits. Quick storage and starts don’t even scratch the surface.

First, they add to the fuel efficiency because less energy is needed to move the vehicle itself.

Next, you benefit from the lighter vehicle doing less damage to the terrain. Broad tires also add to your ability to maneuver effectively in mud or across a fertile field without ripping it up.

Finally, a ranch vehicle that gets stuck in a morass can be pulled out more easily than a truck or tractor.

4. Maneuverability

Modern ranch vehicles can get in and out of tight spaces easily. This is one of the principle reasons the Forest Service uses UTVs and ATVs outside of their safety and utility.

Getting across a farm to check equipment, set up sprays or doing repairs can all be done faster with a smaller craft.

Using a utility vehicle saves money in building and maintaining roads from larger vehicles. The maneuverability also aids in keeping tabs on areas of the farm that might be harder to reach and seldom visited.

5. Tool Hauling

Speaking of which, no more need to manually carry all the tools to and from a work site. With solid rigging and mounted boxes, a UTV can become a mobile garage.

The time and effort saved from fetching a forgotten part pay for itself. On top of that, you can be ready for emergency maintenance by having everything ready to go ahead of time. Couple that with the speed and maneuverability and responding to issues becomes a breeze.

Retooling a UTV to perform other tasks is easy. Many of the best ATVs for farm work have factory ready mountings for a wide variety of tools and equipment. No more jery rigging electronics to power sprayers or accommodate air compressors and other power tools.

6. Speed

With speeds reaching 25 mph in rough terrain, a UTV delivers you and your cargo reliably.

The speed also helps to get to and from a work site with ease. Often farmers have to be careful how they budget their time to get a whole list of tasks done each day.

Utilizing the speed of a farm utility vehicle helps to reduce the wasted travel time. Because of the smaller size, better and more direct paths can be taken between areas. No more hitting the road and circling wide around the field to get to the necessary area.

Even when roads offer efficiency they often cut close to crops and animals, which can be more safely approached with a smaller UTV.

7. Pulling

For jobs where pulling and pushing are needed, a UTV doesn’t come up short. Removing stumps or pulling an animal out of a hole can be done more effectively when a vehicle can be maneuvered closer. Applying power directly reduces the risk of snapping ropes and chains from tension over a distance.

Many of the new ranch vehicles can boast over 1500 horsepower. That is more than adequate for hard pulling jobs. Utility vehicles also have all wheel and on-demand 4 wheel drives to provide grip and torque when pulling.

8. Cargo Capacity

Both gathering equipment and unloading workers happen faster with a utility vehicle. The lower speeds and smooth ride make it easy to deal with terrain without losing cargo.

The open construction and seats make it easy to pop in and out of the vehicle to adjust a valve or open and close a gate.

More than a few farmers have suffered problems with the high suspension of a truck or jeep when getting in and out of a vehicle many times a day.

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The farming and ranching business can be rough. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind and a lot of responsibilities to cover in a day. Investing in farm utility vehicles can ease some of the day-to-day headaches.

After all, not only does all the work have to be done, but at the end of the day, the business needs to turn a profit.

For that latter part, you can check out more business resources here. To keep plants and animals growing strong and healthy, we leave that to you and your expertise.

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