5 Grass-Killing Mistakes Lawn Care Professionals Will Help You Avoid

Is your grass patchy and bare? Do you have a hard time keeping your grass green and healthy? If so, chances are you’re making some lawn care mistakes.

The health of your grass depends on the care that you provide. Want to be more informed about taking care of your lawn?

Keep reading to learn about 5 grass-killing mistakes that lawn care professionals can help you avoid.

Common Lawn Mistakes You’re Likely Making

There is an art to taking care of your lawn. Here are 5 mistakes that you’ll want to stop making.

1. Cutting Grass Too Short

Overly-short grass is a death sentence for your lawn. The health of your grass starts at the roots. Grass is unable to absorb light or remove excess water when the blades are too short.

To keep your lawn looking great, mow every other week. Be sure to cut no more than a third of the grass’ length each cut.

To get the best cut possible, ensure your blades are sharp. Dull blades will pull grass, which will leave empty patches.

2. Over or Under Fertilization

Fertilizing your grass is important. These solutions add nutrients to the ground. They also balance the soil’s acidity, making it more fertile growing ground.

But over-fertilizing can damage your lawn. Too much fertilizer will disturb the balance and can kill your lawn.

3. Overwatering

Irrigation mistakes are common. While your grass needs water, too much water can be problematic.

Overly moist lawns can attract bugs that will ultimately kill your grass. Here are some guidelines to avoid giving your grass too much water.

  • Grass only needs up to 1″ of water a week.
  • Don’t water your grass if there have been heavy showers.
  • One deep soak each week is preferred over shallow watering.

4. Letting Your Pet Ruin the Lawn

Pet urine and grass do not mix. Of course, your pet will need to use the lawn to go to the bathroom. However, the combination of ammonia and salt will fry your lawn.

Avoid brown spots by diluting your pet’s urine. After your pooch does its business, apply water to the area to dilute the urine.

5. Planting the Wrong Seed

Just like flowers, certain grass seed grows better in certain areas. A lawn with shady trees will require different seed than one with full sun.

Certain types of grass seed require more sun, while others grow better in the shade. If your lawn has a mix of sun and shade, a mixed turf is ideal.

A quality mix should include:

  • Kentucky bluegrass
  • Tall fescue
  • Perennial ryegrass

Why Hire Lawn Care Professionals

Anyone can take care of their lawn. But if you want your lawn to look amazing all year round, it’s best to hire lawn care professionals.

The benefits of lawn care professionals are endless.

Lawn treatment companies are able to provide your grass with the best care possible. You can also count on these companies to fix tough lawn problems.

Got a bug infestation? Want to figure out the best seed to use for your new lawn?

You can count on lawn care professionals to have the answers.

Find the Lawn Care Professionals You Need

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