What to Ask When You Hire a Tree Removal Service

A pretty, well-placed tree can be a boon to any yard. An eyesore of an obnoxiously situated tree, on the other hand, can be just the opposite.

Fortunately, people can have trees removed from their yards. Before they do so, however, they need to know what to expect when they hire a tree removal service.

From stump removal to a company’s professionalism, here are a few things that clients should ask before committing to any company.

Stump Removal

When people opt to get trees removed from their yards, they probably think that the entirety of the tree will be removed. Sadly, though, stump removal is usually not included in the basic removal of a tree.

Believe it or not, failing to remove a stump can cause trouble for some homeowners. Like removing mold from a home or mowing a lawn, it’s an important¬†part of home maintenance. If left alone, a tree stump can be a breeding ground for unsightly mushrooms.

That said, homeowners shouldn’t forget to inquire about the cost of stump removal. They might end up beating themselves up if they do.

Trunk Removal

Removing a tree trunk is par for the course when a tree removal service is hired. Just because the trunk is usually removed, however, doesn’t mean that the company will get rid of the trunk for homeowners. They might have to pay extra for this courtesy.

Generally speaking, the workers will at least cut the trunk up into manageable pieces. This means that some homeowners will probably be comfortable removing the pieces themselves. If they’re not, though, they’ll just have to fork up the extra cash.

Professionalism and References

Whenever someone hires any company to do any work for him or her, that company’s background should be scrutinized. Clients must make sure that they’re paying for quality work.

They can do so by requesting references. If the company refuses to give any references, they should move on.

If the company does offer up references, clients should actually take the time to check them. Perhaps they can contact the old clients or look at pictures of the client’s yards.

They can also ask old clients about the company’s professionalism, though they don’t necessarily need to check with old clients here. Sometimes the signs of a lack of professionalism are obvious to spot.

A company’s website, for instance, can tell someone a lot about its professionalism. The company’s trucks and equipment can also tell a tale about how professionally it operates.

If a company doesn’t pass a client’s test, he or she¬†should just move on and find a business that is actually worth paying for its services.

Considering Hiring A Tree Removal Service?

If someone is considering hiring a tree removal service, that person should make sure that he or she carefully vets local businesses.

References should be requested. The scope of the services should be verified. Costs should be agreed upon. Once everything is agreed upon, the client will hopefully see his or her yard transform for the better.

Had a tree removed in the past? Share your experiences with us and other readers in the comment section below.

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