What Are the Advantages of Youth and Family Services?

Are you interested in learning more about youth and family services programs? From extra learning and education to service and community involvement, children benefit in several ways from these programs. Keep reading to learn some benefits of participating in youth and family services.

Reasons to Join Youth and Family Services

Volunteerism is rising at a spectacular rate in the United States. In fact, about 25.4 percent of the adult population gave 7.7 billion hours of volunteer service in 2013. That rate is nearly doubled among teenagers.

While these numbers mean that society is benefiting incredibly from volunteerism, the impact could be even greater if more children were engaged in the value of service earlier in childhood. Here’s why participating in community service at a young age is great for children.

They Develop Strong Relationships

The younger age that a kid starts in youth and family services, the earlier they begin to understand empathy and cultivate it throughout their lives. As kids become better able to understand how other people experience and see life, they can form stronger relationships.

They Get Better Grades

Studies show a connection to volunteering as a child and doing better in school. Kids who volunteer are less likely to cave to peer pressure to use drugs. They develop more confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills.

With good grades and excellent personal skills, filling out college applications will be a breeze for your service-oriented kids.

They Become Good Citizens

People who volunteer in their childhood are likely to continue volunteering in their adult lives. Volunteering leads to the likelihood of donating to charitable organizations. When the seed is planted in childhood, the child continues to grow into a citizen who gives back to their community.

They Learn Different Skills

Kids can learn a variety of valuable skills through volunteering. Teamwork, goal-setting, responsibility – these are all important traits that kids can benefit from getting acquainted with early on in life.

Volunteering for different services also helps kids discover what they’re good at and what they most enjoy. This experience helps them determine what activities to get involved in as they age, and maybe even what career they’d be interested in.

Family and Youth Services Creates a Family Bond

When you spend time volunteering with your child, you both create a positive memory that has meaning. You both feel good doing service for others. These are the memories that will serve as the foundation of your relationship.

Look for programs, like The Hills Youth and Family Services, that allow kids to take part in service-learning activities. These kinds of activities teach kids to appreciate their community, become committed to education and learning, and participate in cultural activities.

Are Family and Youth Services Programs Right for Your Family?

Do those benefits sound too good to wait any longer? There’s no need to put it off. Join a family and youth services program today to get your child on a rewarding and fulfilling path!

From skill development and good grades to exceptional family memories, joining a family and youth services program is something you can feel good about.

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