5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Piano Mover

Moving can be a struggle, especially with large items. Expensive, large items can be even more stressful to move. Personally trying to move an item could lead to damages to the item. Luckily, there are movers to help someone along the way.

A piano is a huge investment. Even if it was not played regularly, a piano can liven a room, or be passed on as a gift. Protecting a piano while moving is also a struggle. Hiring a specific piano mover is key. Yet, how could someone protect such a large investment such as a piano while getting it moved from locations?

Hiring a Piano Mover

On top of a stressful move, moving an item like a piano has to be planned. Attempting to physically move a piano without the proper professionals moving it, can end up in catastrophe. Worse, a piano is a heavy item and could hurt someone if they attempted to move it without proper protocol.

To understand more, here are 5 important questions you must ask your potential piano mover.

There were about 33,818 pianos sold in 2015. Pianos may be expensive, but it is worth taking the time to care and protect them. Do not leave this investment in the hands of a piano mover who is not prepared!

How Do You Plan to Move The Piano?

Having a plan is one of the biggest priorities when moving a piano. A mover needs to let a person who owns the piano in on their plan. If not, a move can be damaging to a piano, especially small scratches and dents.

A professional mover will not be alone. In fact, they should not be alone but actually, have multiple helpers. A detailed plan can help avoid small problems, and if a professional is worth their time and money, they will prove it by giving exact details.

Can The Piano Be Damaged During The Move?

The answer to this question should always be yes. No mover, especially one who professional moves pianos, will be perfect. There will be accidents, but a great mover will not only plan out the move in detail but also share how they plan to protect the piano.

Even if there is no possible way to save the piano from being damaged, a mover who is upfront about how they plan to protect the piano is worthwhile. Trusting someone who is a piano mover may be difficult at first, but that is why asking questions beforehand must be done!

What Is Your Experience?

Asking a piano mover to give a rundown of their history is key.

A mover who is upfront and honest about their moving career can be a huge plus. Normally, people who have been moving pianos can speak about their experience. Asking questions beforehand, again, is what separates the good from the bad movers.

Do not risk someone who is a novice moving a piano. Having such a large investment in the hands of a new mover is not okay. Years of experience would be the most beneficial to moving a piano!

Do You Have Insurance or Coverage?

Piano movers should possess insurance or some coverage in case of damages. To avoid scams from movers, ask if they are properly licensed. It is required, by each state, to have some insurance, even if it is the minimum amount.

Do not trust rogue movers! Even if they may offer a cheaper price to move a piano, it will not be worth having to repair or attempt to buy another one.

Do You or Your Company Have Any References?

References are extremely important. This way, someone could check and see if the mover has a good history via other customers. If they refuse to give a reference? Find another company who will.

Upon checking references, bring up questions. Was the piano delivered on time? Was there any damage from the move? Were questions asked before the piano move answered properly and truthfully?

It may seem like a hassle, but it is worth the time to check references!

To Conclude…

Pianos are a great investment. They can last decades, and add to a room’s decor in many ways. Moving them can be extremely difficult, which is why proper planning is key.

Asking questions is probably the most important way to get good feedback from all piano movers. The feedback can help weed out some of the weaker links in choosing a reliable piano mover.

Overall, moving a piano does not have to be a hassle. If you ask good questions, such as the ones listed above, it will bring people a peace of mind when trying to move their piano!

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