How to Find an Abortion Clinic in Your Area

Once you have made the decision to end your pregnancy, it’s a good idea to get access to an abortion service right away. If you wait for too long, you could miss the limit for accessing abortion services in your state. It can also increase your medical risk and make it more difficult to find a place that will assist you in ending your pregnancy.

However, you might discover that finding an abortion clinic is easier said than done.

Read on to learn how to go about finding the right abortion clinic for your needs.

Where To Get an Abortion

For the most part, abortions are performed at abortion clinics. However, depending on where you live, it might hard to actually find one.

For example, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming only have one clinic for abortions, which means you could be in for a long drive to get there and a long waiting period to boot. And even in states where there is more than one clinic, you might have to travel a long way to find a clinic.

If you’re in NY, this clinic is an option for you.

However, no matter what option you choose to end your pregnancy, abortion clinics are the best place to give you these services.

How to Find an Abortion Clinic

Luckily, there are a lot of resources for women seeking to end their pregnancies.

If you trust your OB-GYN, he or she will likely be able to give you the name and number of an abortion provider that he or she trusts.

Outside of that personal connection, there are agencies that you can look towards as well. Planned Parenthood is the most well-known resources for unwanted pregnancies. They are a great resource for unbiased abortion information and a lot of their health centers offer abortions as well.

You could also check the National Abortion Federation. They have a hotline you can call to find out where your nearest abortion clinic is as well.

There are also a number of directories you could look for online. You can search for abortion providers by state or by the services they offer.

What About Free Abortion Clinics?

When choosing an abortion clinic, the cost of the services is one of the biggest factors women consider. It’s unlikely that you’ll find an abortion clinic that offers its services for free.

Before you schedule your appointment, ask the clinic about how much they charge for services and whether or not your insurance is accepted. Even if you can’t find a free clinic, you might be able to find a low-cost clinic that can give you information or resources to help you pay for your abortion.

If you do find an organization that is willing to provide free or very inexpensive abortion services, be cautious. Abortion is a medical procedure. This means that there are costs associated with it. This procedure should only be done by a highly trained and licensed medical professional.

If you think you may struggle to afford an abortion, there are a number of services that can help you.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Not every women’s clinic is going to provide you with an abortion service. There are some organizations that pose as abortion centers while actually being anti-abortion organizations.

These places are referred to as crisis pregnancy centers. And, unfortunately, there are more of these than legitimate abortion clinics.

Make sure you do your research into an organization that claims to be an abortion center. The provider needs to be unbiased and offer you medically factual information about abortion. Legitimate clinics will not pressure you into making any decision that you don’t think is right for you or your pregnancy.

To make sure you’re working with a legitimately licensed, reputable provider, check that they’re listed in the directory offered by Planned Parenthood or the National Abortion Federation.

Late-Term Abortion Clinics

While it’s not ideal to wait until late in your pregnancy to see an abortion, it is sometimes necessary.

Second and third-trimester abortions involve invasive procedures and they’re hard to access. There aren’t many doctors who will perform late-term abortions and there are laws that could influence whether or not there is a clinic that offers one.

However, while it is harder to access these services, there are still a few practitioners who can help women who need these services. Check out Abortion Clinics Online and to see lists of late-term abortion providers.

Planned Parenthood

Many Planned Parenthood clinics will offer a number of abortion services, along with non-abortion services as well.

Planned Parenthood clinics can offer medical abortion via a pill and surgical abortion alike. They can even offer you referrals for abortion services and education about your options for an abortion. They also do follow up exams and a wide variety of other things.


There are a few hospitals that offer abortion services. This is especially true when the procedure is medically complex. When there is a woman carrying a high-risk pregnancy or in need of a late-term abortion, this procedure will most likely take place in a hospital.

However, many do not. There are a variety of political reasons that some hospitals will not perform them. However many just don’t have the staff or the resources necessary for the right dedication to this service.

Your best for an abortion is to search for a reputable, safe clinic.

Stay Safe

Abortion is a personal decision that every woman deserves to make for herself. If you are seeking an abortion, you deserve compassionate care from a provider that you can trust at a quality abortion clinic.

Before you decide where you will get abortion services, write down a list of questions to ask and try your best to prepare yourself for what will come next.

You’re not alone. There are plenty of organizations out there that will help you deal with this decision and any feelings you might have associated with it as well.

For more information on finding the right business for your needs, visit us today.

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