6 Things You Should Consider When Choosing Office Flooring

Have you ever looked at the floor in your office and wondered if there are some more interesting options out there?

Office spaces are often victims of utility rather than design. But there are so many great modern options! Before jumping in though and choosing the right office flooring for your company there are several things to consider.

Make sure you consider the traffic in your space. As well as the budget you may need to install the right flooring. There are many modern options that can improve your office’s atmosphere.

Below are several things to consider before choosing the right flooring for your company.

1. Office Traffic and Room Type

When choosing the right flooring for your office, you need to pay attention to the amount of traffic in your spaces.

Large amounts of foot traffic will wreak havoc on any carpeting you may install.

It is important to consider the room type when deciding what type of flooring to choose.


For lobbies and reception areas, choose something elegant and memorable. But also something that will be able to withstand such high trafficked areas.

This type of room will be the first thing customers see. Choosing something like hardwoods or luxury vinyl tiles will provide memorable elegance.

Cubicles and Break Rooms

In open office spaces, be sure to choose something durable. As well as something that can stand up to high employee traffic. These spaces must uphold the rest of the company’s aesthetic.

Choose a more traditional carpet tile or maybe another luxury vinyl tile design. These types of flooring are extremely durable. Carpets will also serve as sound mufflers, making them great for open concept offices.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are as important as lobbies or reception areas. These rooms must be elegant and designed well. This means flooring should be just as elegant.

When choosing the right flooring for these rooms, durability isn’t as important. Focus primarily on design.

Hardwoods, natural hard stone or polished cement can all lend a level of elegance to a conference room.

Kitchen Areas

Like break rooms, kitchenettes can be high traffic. And can bear the brunt of most daily employee life.

Flooring options must be easy to clean. They must also be slip resistant. Consider tile, cement or even quarry stone for these rooms.

This space does not have to focus on design. But it should make your employees’ lives easier.

2. Office Sound

One of the worst parts of working in an office is the sound.

When choosing the right flooring for your space, choose something that will muffle the daily sound of business in your space.

One of the most traditional flooring options is carpet tile. This type of flooring has been used for decades in industrial flooring. The tiles are easy to replace when damaged.

And while not as elegant as vinyl or polished cement, this floor is 25% thicker than broadloom carpet.

Carpet also helps reduce muscle fatigue. This can come in handy for any employees who may spend much of their time on their feet.

3. Ease of Cleaning

One of the hardest parts of choosing carpet is figuring out ease of cleaning.

Every one of us has been in an office or movie theater where the carpet is stained and worn. None of these places are elegant. And they are all memorable in the worst way.

When choosing a flooring on how easy it is to clean, you will save yourself some future headaches.

Floors that are easy to maintain, like tiling or vinyl will be cleaned easily. They can also be repaired in the future should they become damaged.

Hardwoods can also be used but they must be maintained daily. This can increase their cost. Which may not be an option for all companies.

When choosing a modern floor that will keep your office space sleek and modern, choose stone floors. Or polished cement.

4. Know Your Budget

When choosing the right floor for your company you must know your budget.

Flooring is not cheap. And industrial flooring can be hard to install. And with many types of flooring options to choose from you must make sure your budget can fit all of your office’s needs.

Modern design styles like cement, stone or wood are all expensive. And will need specialized installation techniques.

5. What is the Climate

One thing many office designers may not consider is the climate.

If your office is located in places that receive large amounts of precipitation throughout the year, carpet may not be for you.

Carpet can be hard to clean and repair and with extensive exposure to moisture, it may be damaged irreparably.

The downsides of cement floors in colder climates is how cold they can become. Office designers should consider heated floors. This will improve employee morale and also keep your space warm and homey, despite the weather.

If you’d like some more info on heated cement flooring, please visit this site.

6. Sometimes You Have to Pay for the Best Office Flooring

Durability is the most important part of choosing any flooring for your office. But unfortunately, durability also involves a high price tag. And a specialized installation crew.

Below are a few of the more high-end but extremely durable flooring types we like.


A flooring style you should consider is Terrazzo. This flooring style is a true statement piece that will catch the eye of your customers. And it is extremely durable and long-lasting.

But it is also extremely expensive to install.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring systems are another extremely durable option. The epoxy resin must be mixed properly and poured directly onto a moisture treated cement.

Epoxy flooring is extremely specialized. Which of course, increases its installation cost.

Quarry Tile

Quarry tile is extremely durable. But it is tricky to install and requires a well-skilled team.

Quarry tile is constructed out of fire-hardened clay. This flooring is not extremely expensive. But most of its cost comes from the resins needed to protect the tile. And the labor involved in its installation.

Rubber Coating

One of the more unusual flooring options is to rubber coat floors.

This floor style is slip resistant and also sound-nullifying. This makes it extremely useful for hospitals or gyms.

The major drawback of rubber coated floors is the smell.

Once installed, the floor’s smell lingers for a long while. But it definitely pays to consider this unusual flooring option.

Always Make Sure You Consider all the Options

There are so many things to consider when trying to improve your business’ appearance.

If you’d like to learn some more start-up budgeting and money making tips, contact us!

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