Joe? Jared? John? Why a Name Tag Matters at a Corporate Event

How many times have you squinted at the board during class or looked at a menu like it was an intergalactic spaceship?

Roughly half of Americans have 20/20 vision. For us, other poor saps who don’t, sometimes things can be a little more difficult.

Like going to corporate events.

Not only are we forced to stare at projector screens and documents with print meant for Tinkerbell, but we also have the awkward task everyone else does: remembering names.

It’s one of the many benefits a name tag offers, but there are many more.

I bet you can’t guess them all.

1. Introductions

For those of you with good vision, take it easy: if someone’s watching you with narrowed eyes, it’s a good indication they’re trying to read your name tag and are preparing to talk to you.

It is NOT an indication they are planning to turn you into chop suey. We hope.

That happy-looking “Hi, my name is . . .” just makes the ice so much easier to break, especially for those with poor vision and memory.

The tags really do make you more approachable.

2. Demonstrates Personal Brand

The cheap “Hello my name is” tag that sticks to shirts, peeling at the corners while introductions are still being made, does not provide a good company image.

Like a business card, these means of identification are a chance to show the quality of your business.

The font, thoughtfulness (hint: large print) and characteristics of the tag are a way to illustrate your company’s brand and values.

And the options for this are limitless. Don’t believe us? Check it out.

A nice name tag with a lanyard also demonstrates you care about the people in your corporation, especially all of us wearing glasses or contacts.

Trust us, it’s much less awkward for everyone to squint at stomachs instead of chests.

Sometimes, people can get the wrong impression.

3. Positive Identity

On top of acting as an icebreaker, those innocent “Hello, My Name Is” sheets also create quality communication through positive relationships.

A nonchalant “dude” or clear avoidance of a name is slightly unprofessional.

Okay: really unprofessional.

It also makes co-workers and employees feel undervalued.

Comparatively, including a name in your conversation (even if it’s one you gleaned from a tag) makes the individual feel like they are a part of the company rather than an unnamed cog on a wheel.

As Matthew McCreary of Entrepreneur states, “People like to feel seen, and remembering names is a part of that.”

4. Security

Of course, we can’t forget the fact that a name tag generally means the individual is supposed to be there.

Chances are at a corporate event there will be fancy technology requiring IT gurus and sensitive information. This is why more companies are utilizing name tags with photos.

As recent corporate leaks show only too well, you don’t want the wrong information in the wrong hands.

A Name Tag Is Necessary

I bet you hadn’t thought of at least one of those, huh?

From the visually impaired who give a thankful sigh when they see large-print tags to the regular worker who just can’t remember that guy’s name, the iconic “Hello, My Name Is . . .” is all the rage.

And the good news is that there are loads of companies specializing in these valuable doodads.

A name tag may be small, but it is mighty.

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