Why You Should Buy a Waterjet Cutting System vs. Other Cutting Systems

You may have heard that a waterjet cutting system is better than the alternatives. But, you might not know exactly why this is the case and so you might be skeptical.

There are are some standout benefits that help separate waterjet cutting systems from the other options. When you know these reasons, you’ll understand why waterjet cutting systems are highly regarded.

In fact, if you keep reading, you’ll learn the benefits of using a waterjet cutter system and exactly why this option is better than others.

Let’s begin!

Cut a Wide Variety of Materials

One of the best things about a waterjet cutter is that it can be used to cut a wide variety of materials. Using a waterjet cutter you can cut many different metals. You can also cut a wide range of tiles and stone too.

This versatility means that you do not need to invest in a wide range of tools. With the right waterjet cutter, you can get great cutting results, with one piece of kit.

You Can Do More Than Cutting

One of the interesting things about a waterjet cutter is that it can be used for more than cutting.

For example, you can use a waterjet cutter to help you clean items. You can also use it if you want to do some etching. If used the right way, you might even be able to drill holes with a waterjet cutter.

Reduced Danger

Waterjet cutters do not need heat or strong chemicals. Because of this, they can often be safer to use when compared to alternative means of cutting.

Waterjet cutters make use of a technique known as ‘cold cutting.’ This means that the cutting is done without the need for heat. Aside from some safety benefits, the lack of heat also ensures you cut with more precision.

Cutting equipment that uses heat can sometimes distort the item that is being cut. That is because the heat can cause a reaction with the material, causing it to change shape. There is also a reduced possibility of ‘microcracks.’ Such cracks can damage the integrity of an item, making it more prone to breaking over time. This is generally true for cutting methods such as plasma, machine, and torch cutting.

Keep Dust to a Minimum

When you are cutting something, the process is inevitably going to produce some dust. In some cases, you use water to prevent this dust from spreading.

But, a waterjet cutter already uses water, as part of the cutting process. This means that the water used, tends to catch a lot of the dust that would have otherwise escaped. This can help produce a cleaner workspace. It can also lead to potential health benefits because there will be less harmful dust in the air.

You Do Not Need to Sharpen Waterjet Cutters over Time

If you are using machines that have blades, to cut items, you will eventually need to sharpen these blades. You may even need to replace them. A waterjet cutter, however, does not have this problem – after all, it does not have any blades.

Because of this, the maintenance costs of a waterjet cutter, compared to machine cutting options, can be quite low. Yes, you might need to invest in new parts, but these parts tend to cost less than a new blade for a machine.

Finding a Good Waterjet Cutting System

Convinced that a waterjet cutting system is the best option for you? If so, you know need to know how to find the right one.

The first thing you need to do is get clear on your needs. There are many different waterjets cutting systems to choose from. A lot of them tend to vary when it comes to the power they can produce. They also vary, in regards to the ‘attachments’ you can use.

Depending on what you want to do, you’ll have specific power and attachment requirements. So if you want to make the right decision, get clear on what you want to cut.

Learning How to Use a Waterjet Cutting System Safely

Like any other pieces of heavy duty equipment, you need to make sure you know how to use a waterjet cutting system, without putting yourself at risk. Because water is being used, doesn’t mean that this system is inherently safer. After all, the water is coming out so forcefully, it can cut metal and stone.

Before you use a waterjet cutter, learn everything you can about operating it safely. If you can, ask the people selling you the cutter, how you should operate such a tool. They will be able to provide you with the right kind of training. You can use this knowledge to protect yourself from injury.

You should also think about investing in protective equipment. This might include specialist goggles and clothing. Such items will be able to protect you from shrapnel.

You might even need to invest in some hearing protection. That is because some waterjet systems can be quite noisy when in operation. You will need to ask the people selling you the waterjet, which ear protection option is best.

Make sure you buy these items from a well-known store. If you end up buying protective equipment that is not of a high standard you are putting yourself at risk. It might not protect you as well as it should when the time comes.

Wonderful Waterjet?

There are many cutting systems to choose from. For many, however, a waterjet cutting system is the right option.

In this post, we’ve taken a look at some reasons that help highlight why a waterjet cutting system is better than the alternative options available. A waterjet cutting system is often more versatile. It also helps to keep dust to a minimum.

When you are buying a waterjet cutter system, make sure you learn what can be done to ensure safe operation. When using one, you do not want to make any mistakes that could lead to serious injury.

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