How to Find Minimalist Furniture for Your Loft

Minimalism is in the midst of a major moment. From the unwavering stronghold of IKEA to Marie Kondo’s “throw it all away” philosophy.

Not only is minimalism practical—it also looks cool.

If you’re thinking about changing up your loft in a minimal fashion—here are some tips for selecting the right minimalist furniture that’ll make even your coolest friends jealous.

Minimalist Furniture 101

While at its core, minimalism means reducing something down to its bare essence, the minimalism, in practice, can look quite different in every home.

While you may want to consider minimalism as a lifestyle, rather than a design principle, here are some ways in which you can create a quintessentially modern, minimal loft space:

Think Neutral

For the most part, a chic minimal home sticks to a small, versatile color palette. Think lots of whites, light grays and a dash of color here and there.

Consider your floors and walls a blank canvas–something to be punctuated with dashes of color. Large pieces of furniture also work best in minimal color palettes.

Dark neutrals look great in a sea of whites and grays, plus they hide the inevitable spill here and there.

Keeping things neutral allows for smaller, statement pieces to have a bigger impact—a cool mint green lamp, for example, a red arm chair, or a collection of framed prints on the wall.

Pare Down to the Essentials

Minimalism isn’t really about stuff, so take inventory of what your loft space actually needs. For example, you’ll need a couch, a bed and some type of dining area or workspace.

Consider which things can serve multiple functions— i.e. a kitchen table that works as a desk, a bed that can easily be tucked away to make room for guests, etc.

The next step is selling or donating that which you may not need. You likely don’t need all those end tables, display cabinets and buffets full of linens you don’t use.

Leave it All Exposed

Lucky enough to have exposed beams or bricks accenting your home? Leave ‘em be! Urban loft life is all about embracing the industrial.

If you’ve got hardwood, slate or concrete flooring, don’t cover it with another area rug. Let it shine.

The exception here is—you may want to warm up sitting areas or the bedroom with some additional textiles—keeping feet warm while you curl up on the couch.

Making Your Loft a Home with Minimalist Furniture

The coolest part about having a loft is, you’re working with one large room, as opposed to a bunch of smaller, cordoned off spaces.

The challenge is, you’re also working with one big room.

A good place to start is the living room space. If you’re looking for modern furniture Houston, Mid in Mod has a nice selection of sofas perfect for cultivating that cool, simple hang space.

Complement your couch with a vintage inspired kitchen table and a few hanging lights to brighten up the space.

Know the “Look”

Minimalism is synonymous with contemporary industrial spaces, as well as mid-century modern design.

When selecting furniture, clean lines are your best friends.

The streamlined, clean look works to lead the eye around the room–turning seating areas inward to foster a comfortable space for visiting with guests or watching TV.

Also, living in a wide open loft space means you’ll have to be creative with storage. Think hanging baskets, basic shelves attached to the walls and industrial clothing racks.

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