10 Warning Signs That’s Time to See an Allergy Doctor

More than half of the United States’ population has some form of an allergy. Allergies can come from anywhere – particles in the air, ingredients in food, and even clothing materials or chemicals used to clean clothes can cause an unpleasant reaction in the body. Many allergies are even deadly, depending on their extremity.

This is why children are tested for all kinds of allergy symptoms as they age. For example, when parents start to introduce different foods into a child’s diet, they’ll usually consult an allergy doctor to assess the body’s reaction.

But, adults often need to see such a specialist too, because some allergies develop in the body over time. If you experience any of the following symptoms, it might be time to start looking for an allergy specialist in your area.

1. Watered, Stinging, or Dry Eyes

Do you use eye drops every single day, even if you don’t wear glasses? Are you used to getting watery eyes after eating certain foods?

You may have convinced yourself these are minor things your body does that you just have to live with. However, such symptoms could be a sign of something more. Get them checked out just in case.

2. Nausea or Headaches

It’s common for a heavy meal or a day of riding roller coasters to give you a bit of nausea or a headache. If you experience these all the time, though, something’s up.

Go to an allergy doctor to find out what’s really going on. You shouldn’t have to deal with such discomfort all the time, especially if this is a sign of an allergy. You need to be aware of a condition like this in order to take the best care of yourself possible.

3. An Upset Stomach

If your nausea turns into heartburn or vomiting, see a specialist as soon as possible. It’s one thing for a really spicy meal or a bumpy car ride to make you feel this sick. It’s another if you have a consistent problem keeping your food down.

This may be signs of IBS, celiac disease, or a nut or dairy allergy.

4. Bathroom Problems

An upset stomach doesn’t just mean throwing up or burping. It can also mean being constipated or having diarrhea. Allergies sometimes cause a burning sensation when you pee, too.

No matter how grossed out (or slightly embarrassed) you are to talk about such issues, you need to seek help. The longer you wait to research allergy doctors in your area, the worse these things can get.

5. Uncontrolled Coughing or Sneezing

Maybe your stomach is perfectly fine, but you have strong coughing episodes almost every day. Notice if these happen in the same place.

Allergy triggers can linger in your office space, your gym, and even in your home. They can be anything from dust on the floor or in the ceiling to pollen, dirt, or perhaps a sign of mold or a bug infestation.

6. A Sore Throat

When you cough all the time, you’re likely to end up with a sore throat. But, your sore throat may “come out of nowhere” after eating a certain food or being in contact with something your body doesn’t handle well.

In other words, a sore throat could also be an allergy symptom. Better to be safe and check it out than to be sorry.

7. Sinus Issues

Do you snore every night? Are you more prone to ear infections than you think you should be? These are often the result of a sinus issue, which can be the cause of an allergy.

If you’re tired of waking up your partner in the middle of the night or just want to get rid of the pain that comes and goes in your ear, contact Sinus & Allergy Wellness Center. This is a group of allergists focused on symptoms that affect the nose, ears, and head in general.

8. Intense Itchiness

When you feel a bug on you or wear a fabric that’s a bit uncomfortable, you’re going to scratch. But if you find yourself scratching the same part of your body all the time, you probably have an allergy.

Don’t be surprised if this turns into some sort of rash or extra sensitive area, either. Constant scratching is not only a sign of an allergy, but it tears at your skin. The more you scratch and scratch, the more damage you could be doing to yourself.

The itch may spread to other parts of the body as you make contact in one place then touch another area. Not to mention, your skin will become red and maybe even infected!

9. Redness or Swelling

Redness could be the result of constant scratching, or it could be a sign you’re allergic to something. Same goes for swelling. Most of the time, these are related to a food allergy.

Many people who can’t have nuts experience a swelling in their throat if they somehow come into contact with this food. Others who are allergic shellfish or another kind of food allergy could experience instant swelling after consumption.

These are pretty clear signs you have an allergy. Parents often look for these symptoms in their children who are still learning how to eat out or have snacks at school while protecting themselves from an allergy. Still, it could also happen to you as an adult.

10. Trouble Breathing

Another symptom that’s hard to ignore is trouble breathing. Just as most people rush to the hospital when redness or swelling occurs, breathing issues can land you in the ER, too.

To keep this from ever happening (or happening again), find out if you’re allergic to anything. All it takes is one simple, scheduled visit to an allergy doctor rather than an emergency scare.

Finding the Right Allergy Doctor

Maybe you’re already well aware of your allergy symptoms, but you’ve been putting off going to the doctor. Stop making excuses and start your search for an allergy doctor in your area.

This can be the difference between living with uncertainty and nerves – like as you go out to eat or when the seasons change – and living a healthy, good life. Click here for a full list of medical professionals to help you make healthy living more attainable.

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