How To Choose The Best Truck Bed Liner

If you purchased a new pickup truck recently, you want to do everything in your power to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. It can keep the resale value of your pickup truck high and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of it.

One way to do this is by having a truck bed liner placed into it. By choosing the best truck bed liner for your truck, you can protect the bed and prevent it from getting scratched and nicked up.

There are quite a few options for those in need of a truck bed liner, and each one offers its own distinct advantages. You should spend some time thinking about which pickup bed liner would be best for you before having one installed.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most popular bed liners for pickup trucks below.

Drop-In Bed Liner

The drop-in bed liner is probably the most common type of truck bed liner. That’s because most pickup trucks on the market today come standard with them.

Drop-in bed liners are typically made out of plastic and are molded to fit the specific design of the bed of a truck. It fits right over top of the truck bed and is then screwed into place so that it stays put.

Drop-in bed liners won’t cost you much money if you need to install one new, and more often than not, your pickup truck will come with one on it. It does a great job of protecting the bed of a truck from getting scratched by bricks, wood, and whatever else you put into the back of it.

You do need to be careful about water and dirt getting under a drop-in bed liner. Because it doesn’t form a tight seal with the bed, these things can work their way underneath of a bed liner.

But in general, your pickup truck bed should stay in pretty decent shape when you have a drop-in bed liner installed properly.

Spray-On Bed Liner

While drop-in bed liners are probably the most popular option, spray-on bed liners have also grown in popularity in recent years.

While they are a bit more costly than drop-in options, a spray-in bed liner is sprayed directly onto the bed of a truck and is permanent. It won’t move around when you install it, and it also won’t allow anything to get underneath of it.

It does take a few hours for a spray-on bed liner company to install one on your truck, which is why it costs so much to do it. But once you have it on, it’ll stay in place for years to come and won’t allow your truck bed to get damaged at all.

One of the other big advantages of using a spray-on bed liner is that it will give you the opportunity to make the bed of your truck whatever color you want. Whether you choose to match the paint color you already have or pick a contrasting color, you can customize the look of your truck bed.

Spray-on bed liners will likely add to the value of your truck, and in addition to protecting it, it will also serve as a great selling feature if you ever decide to put your truck up for sale in the future.

Discover more about how they might be able to benefit you.

Bed Rug Bed Liner

If you’re constantly climbing around in the back of your pickup truck, then you know how much of a toll it can take on your poor knees. You might develop bad knees simply by spending so much time kneeling in your truck.

Bed rug bed liners are the best truck bed liner for those suffering from this problem. These liners are made using polypropylene and polyester fiber and will make the bed of your truck look like it’s carpeted.

This type of bed liner will protect your truck from getting scratched up by items you put in it and protect your knees in the process. It will also protect anything you place into your truck from getting damaged.

Oh, and just in case you’re worried about this particular aspect, you won’t have to keep your truck out of the rain with this bed liner or anything. It can get wet and will not hold moisture or present any issues when it rains.

Bed Mat Bed Liner

If you’re looking for a bed liner that’s extra affordable, a bed mat will do the trick.

While it won’t cover the sides of your truck, it will slide right over your truck bed and stay in place whenever you need it to. These mats are usually made out of recycled rubber and will only cost you about $100 tops.

In addition to preventing your truck bed from getting damaged by items you have inside of it, it will also stop things from sliding around in your truck.

Which Is the Best Truck Bed Liner for You?

All four of these truck bed liners have their own pros and cons and will do different things for you.

Before you choose one, you should create a budget for your bed liner, think about what you’ll need to use it for, and then select that one that fits your needs.

While an option like a spray-on bed liner might seem pricey, it would be ideal for someone who hauls items around for a living. At the same time, a bed mat might be best if you only use your pickup truck occasionally for moving things around.

Outfit Your Pickup Truck With a New Bed Liner

There are several different ways to obtain a bed liner.

You can purchase one from a company that manufactures them. You can also ask a car dealer to add one to a pickup truck that you’re interested in purchasing.

Either way, you should strongly consider installing one in your pickup truck if you don’t already have the best truck bed liner possible in it.

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