How to Design an Office Break Room for Your Company

Many employers understand that having a united, cohesive team is just as important as having a bunch of hard-working employees. No matter how productive or highly-skilled one person is, everyone works better together.

This means you have to encourage team bonding. Most companies do this outside of the office – they schedule happy hours after work and service events on the weekend.

But, something as simple as the right office break room design can facilitate casual conversations and better levels of understanding within the office, too.

Here’s how to design the best break room possible.

Make the Space Comfortable

One of the main goals of the break room is to give employees a place to relax. This is where they can grab their morning coffee before starting the day, and take some time to unwind during their lunch hour. It’s where they can crack jokes, talk about last nights game, and bounce some work-related ideas off each other, too.

As such, this room has to be anything but boring. Don’t settle for outdated break room furniture and boring design elements. Try to make the space warm, inviting, and relaxed.

You can accomplish this with comfortable, group-oriented seating areas. Get a large table where many employees can sit and gather. If you have a big break area, consider getting a couch or beanbags, too.

More so, take a look around the room and paint the walls a light blue, a cool grey, or a pale yellow. Such tones are much more calming than bland white walls. Consider the lighting as you pick the colors, too.

Invest in Essential Appliances

Once you have the basic design set up, think about the functions of the break room. Yes, it’s a place to gather and come together. But it’s also a place to store food, heat up meals, or grab a quick snack.

As such, you at least need a refrigerator and a coffee maker. These don’t have to be super fancy, but they definitely aren’t break room items to skip over. Some break rooms even go as far as to have more than one microwave or to offer a toaster.

Stock up on All the Goodies

Think your office break room design is done once you’ve got the right seating and appliances? Maybe, but if you really want a place where your employees will gather, you’ve got to stock up on all the best office goodies.

This doesn’t mean you need to have just-baked donuts and fresh fruits ready for your team every day. But, you should at least supply some basic condiments and storage space for them to best enjoy the break room. For storage needs, look no further than this website –

Then, fill the cabinets with sugar packets, single-cup coffee packs, mugs, plasticware and paper plates, and more. Maybe add a few bags of chips or popcorn bags if you’re feeling generous.

Create the Best Office Break Room Ever

A break room is where employees go to collect their thoughts and take a step back from their desk. While there, though, many of them start to make strong, mutually beneficial office relationships. It’s where different departments can casually come together and where new hires can make themselves known.

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