How to Create a Strong Brand Strategy for Your Male Enhancement Business

With male sexual performance issues now impacting 25% of men under the age of 40, there’s no time like the present to start a male enhancement business.

Whether your goal is to increase penis size, help men to last longer, or even to increase testosterone levels in the body, the way that you market yourself and make a connection with consumers will be the difference between success and failure.

But what are the most important things to keep in mind when you’re developing a brand strategy for your male enhancement business?

This post will fill you in on the best ways to go about developing a brand that consumers can trust.

1. Find Your Niche

The first step in creating the perfect brand strategy for your male enhancement business?

Make sure that you’ve narrowed your market and cornered a specific niche to advertise within.

First of all, this helps you to set yourself apart from the competition and actually bring something new to the market when it comes to male enhancement products.

For example, maybe you want to market towards those who are more interested in natural solutions for low testosterone.

Maybe you’re planning to create products that are geared towards men over the age of 65. Perhaps you’re even interested in connecting with women who aren’t sure how to talk to their male partners about their sexual performance issues.

Whatever your niche, be as specific as possible to get the results you want.

2. Know Your Goals

When you’re developing a brand, it’s incredibly important that you take the time to clearly define and outline your businesses goals.

This isn’t just about setting sales milestones, getting a certain number of visitors to your website, or rolling out three new products by the end of the year.

Instead, it’s about creating goals that are in line with your overall branding strategy, are realistic with your current phase of business, and ones that serve as stepping stones to your overarching long-term target.

For example, instead of claiming that you’d like to have 10,000 website visitors per day when your business just launched its website a month ago? Make it your goal to get ten new people to sign up for your e-newsletter within the next four days.

Above all, make sure that you’re designing goals with flexibility in mind.

Especially in today’s world, where websites can have a plateaued visitor count for weeks and then suddenly go viral overnight, you need to be prepared for anything and everything.

3. Conduct Market Research

When you’re developing your brand strategy process, the biggest thing you’ll need to keep in mind is how it relates to the pain points and desires of your target market.

This means that you’ll need to do a serious deep dive when it comes to conducting your target market research. Look at your website data to determine the times that they’re the most likely to log on — so you know when to announce a sale or new product launch.

Understand the demographics — the age, geographic location, income level, and marital status — of your market. This way, you can start to create a market segmentation strategy that will allow you to advertise to different sections of your market on a more personal level.

Social media will be especially valuable when it comes to developing a brand strategy that appeals to your target market.

Look at the style, wording, hashtags, content, and images that they respond to. Check out the other accounts they follow. Take a look at the content they’ve uploaded on their own accounts.

Remember, the more you know about your target market, the better equipped you’ll be to effectively sell to them — and keep them loyal to your brand above anyone else’s.

4. Evaluate Your Competitors

When you’re branding your business, you need to ensure that you know exactly who you’re up against.

After all, male sexual performance issues and anxiety are common problems — so you’re nothing more than the newest kid on the block.

Conducting competitor research will help you to ensure you’ve clearly differentiated your goals, your target market, and even the look and content of your website from your competitors.

One of the best ways to get a serious leg up on your competitors is to position yourself as an authoritative educator in the world of male enhancement and sexual performance in general.

For example, take look at how Schwinnng helps its market to learn about ED. It provides links to scientific studies backed by hard data — proving exactly how its products will work.

This is a tactic that your competitors likely won’t take — especially if they’re using less-than-effective ingredients. Set yourself apart from them by using scientific evidence in addition to customer testimonials and reviews.

5. Create an Emotional Response

More than anything else, your branding strategy should aim to create an emotional response within your target market.

We’re not saying that every piece of content needs to include a sappy testimonial of a man talking about how your products saved his marriage or made him feel whole again.

Instead, we’re saying that your market needs to feel like you “get” them. They want to be spoken to on their level, not lectured or talked down to.

Remember, male sexual performance is a sensitive topic.

Make sure you touch on discretion just as much as everything else.

Strengthen your Male Enhancement Business’s Brand Strategy

We hope that this post has helped you to understand the most essential steps that you need to take in order to strengthen your male enhancement business’s brand strategy.

Remember, it’s all about getting to know your market and competitors, finding your specific niche, and working to create an emotional response within your market.

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