Why Should We Recycle: 10 Tips for Finding the Best Recycling Service for Your Business

Did you know that 61% of waste got recycled in 2017? The rate remained unchanged from 2016 but there was a significant decrease in waste generated. People are starting to understand the importance of recycling waste and are getting with the program.

But why should you?

Why should we recycle instead of heaping everything in a big can and dumping it all away in one, easy-to-handle process? Recycling is a tedious process due to the segregation steps and you have to make a conscious choice each time you throw something away.

The good thing is there are many reasons to recycle and here’s not only a good look at them but also tips on finding the best recycling service for your business:

Why Should We Recycle?

There’s the most obvious reason why we should recycle: it helps the environment. Reusing the raw materials gathered reduces the need for intense logging, mining, and quarrying. This also means less consumption of energy in factories, which in turn reduces air and water pollution.

However, there are personal benefits too. With recycling, you don’t have to incinerate most of your trash. Another personal benefit is that recycling prevents rodents and other pests from nesting around your home.

For businesses, the benefits multiply even further. You can market your business as eco-friendly and that you promote a clean and safe environment for your employees. This strategic relationship boosts your business’ image in the public eye.

Other Benefits of Recycling

Recycling reduces the amount of waste that sits in landfills. Places like Hong Kong are already running out of places to put their garbage. This is why cities like New York aim to reduce landfill utility down to 0% by the year 2030.

Another reason why to recycle is to fight deforestation. Loggers cut down trees at a monumental rate per year, to produce paper and hardwood produce like furniture, and by a few more decades the Earth may lose its remaining rainforests.

Why do we need to recycle? Summarizing it all, recycling keeps our homes clean and free of pests and diseases and it helps the environment. Businesses that recycle gain a positive reputation for aiding the environment and employees.


Understand why to recycle is only the beginning. The next step is to take action and this involves hiring the best recycling service available.

You can start by choosing a reliable service provider, the folks at allpointswasteservice.com. Don’t hire the first waste disposal company you come across. You’ll want a service provider that doesn’t miss their scheduled pickups and makes it a point to always arrive on time.

If they’re not reliable, you could end up with trash and recycle bins sitting outside for weeks, rotting and attracting pests.

Licenses and Credentials

Found a recycle service provider that people say are reliable? That’s great! The next step is to check if they have the right licenses and credentials to back this up.

The first thing you’ll want to check is their business permit. Look into their background and check if the drivers all carry licenses and if the company itself has any credentials or awards that prove they’re the best in the field.


A waste disposal business that’s been around for ten years is far more reliable and trustworthy than one that’s only operated for three or four. The longer they’ve been around, the more they know the ins and outs of the business.

They know the right routes that ensure they make it on time, regardless of traffic and weather. They know which bins work best for their equipment and their employees already mastered their rules and regulations.

Environmental Goals

Not all disposal companies are the same. Some take trash and recycle bins but mix everything together because, for them, it’s all about delivering waste to the landfill. Others take recycling and trash segregation more seriously.

Make it a point to hire service providers that make their environmental goals clear from the very beginning. Look for disposal companies that promote recycling and segregation.

Services Available

The next point to consider is the list of services available.

Does the disposal company segregate your waste for you? Do they offer pickups only once a week or twice a week? You’ll want to check the different services they offer because this could reduce or increase the amount of effort you’ll do in taking care of your waste.

Customer Service

Does everything check out on paper? Give their customer service a call and see how their representative talks to you. You can often determine a good a service provider based on their customer service.

Check if the person on the phone is polite, if they are knowledgeable regarding their business, and if they can answer the most crucial questions you have. It’s on your hands to determine if they seem fishy or not.

Cost of Service

Another important step is to check the cost of their service. Remember that waste disposal for a business is going to cost more than for a residential home since businesses have a lot more trash and recyclable waste to go through. Make it a point to check if their prices fit within your company’s budget range.

Reviews and Ratings

If their customer service passes your standards and the company’s prices and services all seem satisfactory, the last step is to check a few reviews and ratings. You’ll want to check the experiences of other customers with the business you want to deal with.

This is even more important if you’re hiring waste disposal services for your business and not only for your home. Businesses end up with higher costs and more waste than a residential home, making waste disposal and recycling a major investment you need to take time reviewing.

Find the Right Business for Your Needs

Why should we recycle? It’s great for the environment, it boosts your business’ reputation, and can help reduce costs in the long run. You’ll only achieve these benefits by following the tips in finding the right waste disposal service provider.

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