3 Fashion Marketing Tips To Help Build Your Clothing Line’s Brand

Do you feel like your clothing company’s website just isn’t getting the traffic it needs?

Are you tired of seeing your clothing stay on the shelves?

If so, then it sounds like your fashion marketing plan needs a major makeover.

From mastering your social media account to connecting with some of the biggest influencers in the fashion world, there are tons of different types of marketing when it comes to the fashion world.

In this post, we’ll show you how to conquer some of the most important fashion marketing techniques!

1. Social Media Rules All

From Yeezy’s paparazzi-style Instagram campaign for the new season of his clothing line to companies that pay popular style bloggers to wear their clothing around town, it’s no secret that social marketing is essential to your fashion brand.

Instagram is especially important, not only because it’s an awesome way to create hype around your clothing line and show users what your pieces will look like in the “real world.”

Now, users can actually use Instagram to shop their favorite looks.

If one of your followers just has to have that new printed hoodie or pair of dark denim jeans you’ve designed? They can shop directly on the app, by clicking the “shop now” buttons.

This will shorten your sales cycle, encourage impulse buys (the key to fashion marketing) and even allow you to make direct connections with your customers.

But Instagram isn’t just important when it comes to selling your clothes online.

It also helps you to promote brand loyalty by using your account to recognize some of your favorite customers.

Always make sure that you “like” or comment on as many pictures of people wearing your clothing as is possible. You should even consider sharing some of those pictures to your own account.

Remember, fashion marketing is all about creating a feeling of exclusivity — one that customers will fight to be a part of.

Trust us when we tell you that, when shoppers see that you’re featuring their personal Instagram posts on your account, they’ll be quick to post even more photos of themselves wearing your pieces in the hopes that you’ll feature them, too.

2. Influencer Marketing is Key

Influencer marketing is one of the most important types of marketing within the fashion world today.

Think about some of the biggest fashion bloggers or fashionistas with the largest following on social media. You know just how loyal their fanbase is (probably because you’re one of them!)

These people have access to, in some cases, millions of people who are direct members of your target market.

When a popular blogger writes a blog post raving about a new pair of leggings or creates a look involving pieces from a brand, you know just how quickly those pieces will fly off the shelves.

Welcome to the world of influencer marketing.

If you’re looking to seriously shorten your sales cycle, then we suggest sending a few of your best pieces to the bloggers and fashion Instagrammers that you love the most.

You should also include a hand-written note (remember, unboxing videos and pictures of packaging are big on social media, too) telling them to enjoy these pieces.

Most people will be thrilled to get the free clothes, and will upload photos of themselves wearing your pieces to their accounts!

This doesn’t just help you to sell your pieces. It also helps you to gain more social media followers, so that your future fashion marketing campaigns will be a success.

3. Create a Killer Website

There are few things more important in fashion marketing than the overall look of your website.

For an example of an engaging, intuitive, and definitely unique fashion website?

Check out Mutiny Custom Clothing.

First of all, right out of the gate, their homepage features some of their most eye-catching designs. This encourages visitors to keep browsing through the rest of their site, and makes it clear the kind of target market they hope to cater to.

Plus, they also have drop-down menu pages that are easy to navigate and help customers to find exactly what they’re looking for faster than ever. The scrolling images on the top of the homepage further drive home the overall message of the brand.

On your website, be sure that you also include a pop-up or sidebar link that allows your site visitors to sign up for your company’s newsletter. You could even offer a percentage off of their next purchase in order to convince them further!

One last tip?

Don’t forget to create a detailed size chart and include it on your website. Doing so will help you to cut down on the amount of returns that you receive, and will ensure that your customers are happy with the pieces they’ve decided to order.

You’re Ready to Master Fashion Marketing

We hope that this post has helped you to understand that fashion marketing isn’t nearly as complicated as it might initially seem.

Just remember to tap into as many different types of marketing as you can. From working with influencers to creating your own social media platforms and making sure your website pulls out all the stops, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Of course, we know that it can still be tough to manage your website in addition to designing the awesome clothes your clients love wearing.

We can help you to not only find a marketing professional in your area, but also give you access to even more marketing tips and tricks!

Check us out to grow your runway today.

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