7 Things To Look For When Hiring A Computer Coder

Getting ready to hire a computer coder?

Want to ensure you’re choosing the very best one?

If you’ve never hired a programmer before, it can be difficult to know what to expect. You need to consider a few things and evaluate each candidate properly if you want to make sure you find the best one for the job.

Below are the 7 things that you always need to look for when choosing a computer coder to hire.

1. Excellent Communication Skills

When it’s time to hire a coder, it’s very important that you evaluate their communication skills. Communication skills are crucial in the programming field. You’ll need to be able to tell a coder your expectations for a task and ensure that they’ll know what you want and be able to deliver.

If they experience any setbacks during their work, it is important that they let you know. You should expect them to communicate very openly and not keep you in the dark. This way, you’ll always know if you’re on the right track and if things are going smoothly.

Especially if you’re hiring a coder for a remote position, strong communication is critical. A computer programmer who doesn’t respond quickly to emails or who doesn’t communicate well can be a nightmare to deal with.

2. Can Function as Part of a Team

If you’re getting ready to hire a coder, you also need to ensure that they are ready and willing to work as part of a functional and cohesive team. They shouldn’t be arrogant, fight with other members of the team, or have any attitudes that are counterproductive.

A great programmer will understand their role within your organization, and if they have to work with other coders they’ll fit right in. Additionally, they’ll be able to communicate with you perfectly, understanding that their job is to meet your needs in the best way possible.

3. Deep and Broad Technical Experience

Aside from excellent communication and teamwork skills, a coder also needs to have thorough technical and coding expertise. They should be able to back up their words and do what they say they can.

If you’re looking for a really great programmer, it’s important that you find one that is skilled in not only one coding language but in many. You should also evaluate their skills in the languages as well, and make sure they have a deep enough knowledge to get the job done.

Whether you need them to program in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, or another language, you’ll need to test their skills. For a great example of how you can assess your potential hirees with testing, you can read more here.

An excellent coder will not only know a broad range of coding and programming and languages but will have an in-depth knowledge of each one.

4. Time Management and Organization Skills

While a coder may be able to perform the work well enough and write some great lines of code for your software, if they don’t have the ability to meet deadlines and complete tasks on time, you need to reconsider hiring them.

A great programmer will be able to handle many tasks with ease and will know how to get everything that is on their plate done quickly. They won’t drag their feet or miss important milestones.

While it can be hard to determine their time management skills when making the hire, ask the best questions you can to determine their abilities. Poor organization or time management skills can change an otherwise great coder into an unhireable one.

5. They Think Like a Computer Coder

The best coders love what they do and can’t get enough of the problem-solving aspect of programming new software and applications. They’ll always have the right mindset for the job rather than just the skills.

A great coder will always work hard to find new solutions to problems or even find ways to “fix” programs that already seem to be working fine. They’ll value constant improvement and optimization.

Great coders will also know that failing is only a part of the process of coding. They’ll bravely move past any setbacks and know that failures are to be expected. Excellent programmers are also perfectionists and will do the best work that they can every time.

6. Ability to Learn Fast

While no programmer knows everything, the best coders do know how to go about finding the resources they need to fix any blind spots. They’re quick learners and will move fast to find out anything that they don’t know.

While there may be some downtime while they figure out a solution to a problem, it won’t take them long to pick up the pace and get right back on track.

The best coders are always lifelong learners and make a common practice of educating themselves on new skills. Because of this, they’ll typically be able to handle just about any coding problem you throw at them.

7. They Keep the End Goal in Mind

While an excellent computer programmer will be able to follow directions perfectly and will communicate with you and other members of the team wonderfully throughout the process, they’ll also go the extra mile. They’ll always keep the end user in mind as well, and will know what the expected outcome is, whether it’s a web project or a mobile development task.

Less experienced coders can get wrapped up in the process of only what they are doing, and often forget to think about the actual application or what the codes they’re writing will be used for.

If you want to find the best person for your needs, it’s important to ask questions during the interview to ensure that they’ll keep the big picture in mind during the job.

Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, choosing the right computer coder doesn’t have to be an impossible task. However, you do need to do the legwork upfront to make sure you find the right person for the job. By considering the tips above, you’ll have the best chance at making the right choice in the end.

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