7 Things To Look For When Choosing Mobile Development Services

It seems like nearly everyone has an app these days. With over 5 billion apps between the Google Play and Apple store, there’s no doubting that audiences are leaning toward an increasingly mobile marketplace.

As a result, you’re going to be ready, especially as mobile tech gets easier to obtain.

Whether you want to create a fun game or have an idea for a life-changing app, it’s important that you have the resources and help to get your app on the market.

But we also realize that not every business has the ability to develop an app in-house. Therefore, we recommend reaching out to mobile development services teams for assistance.

This is, of course, a lot easier said than done. How do you even know what to look for?

That’s where we come in! Read below for seven things to look for when trying to find the best mobile development services.

1. Clear Understanding of Your Business and Project Scope

Every app development cycle, like every home, needs a solid foundation. And that foundation begins with a clear understanding of a business’ intent and the scope of their project.

You wouldn’t expect a dev team to approach an app for an animal shelter the same way they would a multi-million dollar conglomerate.

Every project has a unique scope and set of goals that must be met. Make sure that both parties are in agreement about what the app should accomplish.

App development is a collaborative effort, after all. Too many cooks can ruin the entire process or extend it beyond what is necessary.

2. Hire a Mobile Development Services Team with Experience

When it comes to technology, and especially app development, you’ll find that a lot of people flub about their experience. They may tout extensive knowledge of Java and C# when in reality they can barely code a website in HTML.

That may be fine for a resume, but your business deserves better. Make sure you’re hiring a team that comes with years of experience.

Your project deserves a team with years of experience. A team that knows how to create an app and has the resources to do so. A team that can get fix problems when things inevitably get tricky.

When it comes to app development, remember, you get what you pay for. A younger, inexperienced coder may cost less, but they also have less experience. There are tons of professional services out there, like Kocomojo, that marry years of experience with a great price.

3. Great Communication

Finding the right team is going to be tricky. You’re going to speak to a lot of different teams, and you’ll likely notice a lot of different communication styles.

Make no mistake, how a team communicates with you and your co-workers is quite crucial. In fact, without frequent communication and feedback, progress on the app is near impossible.

The best mobile development services teams are those that are able to clearly and effectively communicate the entire process to you and your team in an approachable way without coming across as condescending.

Communication between teams should be frequent, honest, and direct. Hire a team that’s going to respect your time and efforts, look for great communication.

4. Strong Planning Abilities

As they say, failing to plan is failing to plan. An app isn’t magically built in a few days. It requires hours of careful coding, testing, and debugging.

Your initial consultation, or the meeting thereafter, should consist of the planning stage. Your development services team should have a clear, full-fledged plan for your app from beginning to end.

If you don’t see a step-by-step plan, they’re probably not the team for you.

5. Knowledge of the App Stores

Thousands of mobile apps enter the marketplace each day. Some of which, frankly, don’t deserve to be there.

While the rules may seem fairly lax, both Google and Apple have strict terms of service agreements that businesses must agree to before uploading their app.

Unsurprisingly, you may not have a ton of familiarity with these rules. Your mobile development services team, however, should know how each storefront operates.

Ask your prospective team about how they plan on ensuring that the app is approved when it’s time to launch. The last thing you need right before launch is a notice that your app was rejected.

6. Privacy and Security

Your app contains tons of crucial information that, if leaked, could be disastrous. That’s why you should work with a team that’s going to value your privacy and the privacy of your users.

There are people out there who try and hack apps and websites for fun. Not only can a hacked app look bad for your business from a publicity standpoint, it’s bad legally, as well.

You may recall a bad situation a few years ago where a few individuals managed to breach Sony’s website. Then, they leaked gigabytes worth of data and private e-mails, shaking the public’s faith in the company.

Data breaches cost companies millions of dollars each year in lost profits and lawsuits. Don’t become the next Sony. Make sure that your dev team respects your privacy and has security measures in place.

7. Post-Launch Support

Like a website, an app is never truly done. While it’s certainly no small feat to release an app, you’ll want to hold off on the celebration.

Post-launch support may be the most important consideration when outsourcing a team. After all, apps need regular updates and patches.

Who is going to take care of these critical elements? Your team, or the mobile development services team? If it’s the latter, what resources will they dedicate to keeping your app up to date?

Consider these factors and ask these questions before working with a new team. People will forgive a bad launch if it’s fixed. But if an app stays broken, expect public distrust.

Final Thoughts on Hiring a Mobile Development Services Team

Clearly, there are tons of factors to consider when outsourcing your app development. It can be tricky to find the right team, but we aim to make it easier for you.

Be sure to use the Find A Business That… search feature to find development professionals in your area!

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