Top 10 Employee Recognition Gift Ideas

Taking the time to thank your employees not only makes them feel good. It helps your business in a big way.

In fact, studies show that by recognizing outstanding customer service by an employee, businesses saw a 31% decrease in voluntary turnover rates. Aka you have a much better chance of keeping your best employees by simply thanking them.

But don’t worry. Finding a great employee recognition gift doesn’t have to feel like a second job. We’ve got the 10 best gift ideas to make your employees feel appreciated and keep your business thriving.

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1. Custom Business Cards

Creating custom business cards for your employees is a great way to make them feel like an important part of the company.

This product is something they can give to customers to show their professionalism. And a good looking business card makes a big impression.

Make sure to spend time making these look the part. The nicer these business cards look, the more appreciative your employees will be. Your customers will be impressed as well, making this gift a great option.

2. Lunch On Us

Sometimes the simplest gestures make the greatest impact.

If you’ve got some foodies in your office, offering a lunch paid for by the company is a great employee recognition gift.

To keep within a certain budget, you can even offer your employees a choice between a handful of restaurants.

And to get into the competitive spirit, make it a race among employees. Whoever provides the best customer experiences that month gets a free lunch. This will keep your employees focused and motivated while creating a fun environment to work in.

3. Custom Coins

Have some employees that have really gone above and beyond? Design a company coin to give them.

This employee recognition gift feels special because of the great design of these coins. You can even give this product as a medal so employees feel they’ve accomplished something really special.

Check out these custom designed coins. You may be surprised at how nice they look without breaking the bank.

4. Digital Shout Outs

Need a quick and easy way to show an employee that you’re grateful? Look no further than your device.

Posting on social media about the success of an employee is one of the easiest and most effective ways to show your thanks. It takes no time at all to create a post and it’s a public recognition for everyone to see.

Your employee can show this to family and friends as well as fellow co-workers. It covers a lot of ground. And it costs you absolutely nothing. Including a picture and a heartfelt message will really make your employee feel the love.

5. Write It Out

If social media isn’t really your thing, writing a handwritten note is a great alternative.

Handwritten notes have almost become a vintage form of communication. So when you do receive one, it feels really special.

Tell your employee what they did that was so great and why the company appreciates them and their hard work. This is a treasure the employee will be able to keep and refer back to when they aren’t feeling great.

This more personalized employee recognition gift will make your staff feel valued and like they’re doing important work that is making a difference in the company.

6. Tickets for the Night

Tickets to the big event can make even the most unmotivated employee want to perform well.

Whether your town has a big game or a huge concert, tickets to these events can be hard to come by and expensive. So getting an opportunity to go for just some added effort at work can be priceless.

Set a specific goal for your office so everyone gets the chance to participate. This will help get your numbers up and your employees engaged.

This employee recognition gift will make the winner feel appreciated, but can also boost the morale of the entire office.

7. Free Money

It may not sound as creative, but money is always a motivating factor.

But you don’t have to just give out cash. Consider all of your employees and what seems to be an overarching need.

Would a grocery store gift card be an exciting gift for them? Or how about a one-stop-shop like Amazon or PayPal? These are great ways to give your employees some bonus cash in a classy presentation.

And let’s face it, no one will complain about some extra money in their wallet.

8. Health-Conscious Employees

Does your office seem to be filled with employees who are obsessed with healthy living? There are gifts for that, too.

You can give out fitness class passes or even cover a month of their gym membership.

Or, if you think they could use some forced relaxation, a spa gift card is a great idea for an employee recognition gift. And it’s a luxury that most people don’t take the time to do for themselves.

9. Drinkware for Any Occasion

Whether it’s coffee, tea, or alcohol, we all have our guilty pleasure beverages.

You can really get personalized and get some coffee thermoses or mugs made for each of your employees.

If you’d rather go for something more after hours, you can even make gift bags surrounded around an alcoholic beverage. This can include glasses, snacks that pair well with the specific drink, and any other accessories such as a decanter or wine bottle opener.

This gift is great if you want something that your employees can have fun with and get some use out of.

10. Your Time and Attention

If no physical item seems to cut it, try creating some time for you and your employees to bond.

This can be anything from a catered office lunch to an off-site experience. You can use this as an opportunity for some team building exercises or just some “getting-to-know-you” games.

Taking the time to connect can be the ultimate employee recognition gift that really makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Employee Recognition Gifts That Really Make a Difference

Taking a moment to say thank you makes a huge impact. Don’t forget to also apply that to your business.

When you create an environment that’s uplifting and appreciative of hard work, you also help your business to be successful. Customers can feel when employees aren’t happy and ultimately won’t want to give that company their business.

For more tips on how to help your company be successful and for other great resources, check out our site. We’ve got all the resources to help your business flourish all in one easy place.

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