How to Create Professional Business Cards That Won’t Get Thrown Away

Many times, professional business cards are a potential client’s first impression of your business. And just like any first impression, you want to make sure it’s a good one and is impactful.

But everyone has a business card these days, so how can you stand out from all the competition? And how can you make sure that your card is the one they will want to hang on to?

Luckily, business cards have come a long way. Let’s discuss several things you can do that not only reflects what your business does but can leave a lasting impression.

Word It Correctly

Getting information out about your business is the entire point of professional business cards. So how you word that information is very important.

Avoid Information Overload

Your business card shouldn’t read like a resume. You don’t have to put everything on it. It’s meant to showcase what you do and how to get ahold of you.

Just include your basic information. Grouping together like information also makes it easy for someone to find what they need at a glance.

And leaving a lot of white space is ideal. Too much text clutter can be overwhelming and look unprofessional.

Easy to Read

It may be tempting to use a fancy script font or layout your information in an asymmetric or unusual way, but that’s a temptation you should avoid. Your card should be easy to read at a glance.

Keep the font in line with your branding. You want it to reflect who you are and the image you want your clients to see you as.

Be Engaging

Boring text will guarantee your card a trip to the trash can. You want to grab the attention of potential clients with something unique and stands out from your competitors.

And this doesn’t mean you have to include a lot of text. Try avoiding generic titles. Instead of using something like “Business Consultant”, wordsmith it into something that not only describes what you do but reflects your personality as well. Or use a compelling tagline that describes your business.

Think Outside the Box

Standard professional business cards are 3.5 X 2 rectangles. Everybody knows them. Boxy and predictable. They’re nothing attention-grabbing. So maybe take your cards in a different direction.


Break out of the box with another shape. Go for a circle. Or pick a shape that reflects an object used in your business, like a hair dryer for a stylist. Anything that is a step away from the norm will get you noticed.

And be sure, whatever shape you decide on, that it leaves plenty of space for your information and some white space.

3D Design

Everybody does flat business cards, so why not take yours to the 3D level?

It could be as simple as having your card designed to be folded in half and sit as a tabletop sign. This would allow any potential clients to sit it on their desks and have your information within eye view.

Or a moving company could have their card designed to fold into a moving box.

Something that is unique, reflects the purpose of your business, and unexpected will be a hit with anyone in possession of your card.

Give It a Function

If you really want to give someone a reason to keep your business card around, giving it a function is the perfect way to go. Think about it, is there a pocket-sized solution to everyday needs that reflect what your business does?

For example, nail salons can create their business card as a nail file. Contractors can have a ruler as a business card. A cleaning company can print their business info on a small cleaning sponge.

Whatever your business may be, by making yourself useful from day one, you’ll establish yourself as the go-to business for their needs.

Use an Unexpected Material

All business cards are printed on paper, right? That’s what is expected anyway. Show them that you’re an innovator by having your cards printed on something that’s completely unexpected.

Metal business cards are becoming increasingly popular. It gives a wow factor from the moment it is dropped into a potential client’s hands. It’s weighty, it’s substantial, and it’s not something someone is going to instantly throw away.

Plastic business cards are also becoming popular. It gives a more noticeable feel from regular paper and also gives you the option to have clear or frosted business cards.

Make It Visually Appealing

Ditch the black and white and put a little color into it! Colorful business cards have a 10X’s longer lifespan than their plain old black and white counterparts. So give your clients something appealing to look at.

This is the perfect place to reflect your business brand. Combining your business colors along with the font will perfectly showcase your brand into a card your clients can see and hold.

Using company logos, images, and illustrations are also another way to make your cards visually appealing. They’re eye-catching, fun, and something your clients will want to hang on to.

Apply a Unique Finish

If you do use paper for your professional business cards, that doesn’t mean you still can’t stand out from the crowd. There are several finishes that can be applied to give it a wow factor all its own.

Thicker cardstock will give it the weightiness similar to metal or plastic cards, and feel more luxurious to the touch.

A gloss finish can give it the photo shininess you’re after, or a matte finish can give your card a uniquely chic look.

Business cards can also be embossed. Whether you choose to have the lettering embossed or maybe your company logo, it is sure to be something your clients will notice and pay attention to.

Professional Business Cards Don’t Have to Be Boring

By giving your business cards a unique look, and paying attention to the details, you can show potential clients that you are a business that they will want to work with. That will guarantee your card will never have to worry about being sent to the trash.

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