5 Benefits to Having a Mobile Radio For Your Business

Your business, whether it’s a fire department, a trucking transportation service, or anything in between, depends on mobile radios. Specifically, two-way radios and scanners are vital to communication efforts. And you always need to have solid communication; people’s lives could depend on it.

In an era where technological advancements have vastly improved the way we communicate, there are many devices to choose from.

Here are five benefits of having a mobile radio for your business.

1. Higher Capacity and Open Standard

Digital mobile radios are quickly becoming the norm for many industries because of their amazing capacity. With Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology, the capacity is doubled to a whopping 12.5 kHz.

While conventional analog radios can provide the same capacity, it can only do so on a single path. Digital provides two independent calls at the same time.

Another great aspect of digital radio is its open standard. The generic, non-registered nature of digital open standard allows for open communication without fees or proprietary software. This is really important, because not only does it decrease costs, but it also ensures your communication is hassle-free.

These are two of the biggest reasons why having a mobile radio is critical for your company communication. This is especially true if the majority of your business is based on transportation or fast responses.

The open standard and higher capacity help with this quick contact. Within seconds you can have new coordinates, vital information, and updated employees.

2. Cost-Friendly Software and Hardware

Another amazing factor with mobile radio is the cost. Unlike other mobile devices such as cell phones, radios are affordable and predictable in price.

There is no extra airtime fee and you can talk whenever wherever with a decent connection.

This applies to the hardware as well as the software. The service is price-efficient, while the equipment is also quite cheap. The hardware is also durable, handling the toughest of environments.

No matter the road conditions, handheld devices can remain intact for the long haul.

The radio devices are becoming better equipped for a hands-free, wireless world. Most of the radios are coming with Bluetooth to prevent auto accidents. With restrictions on what you can and cannot do while operating a vehicle – especially a big vehicle – this limits driver distraction.

This makes it a safer experience for everyone involved in the communication process.

3. Security and Clarity

Even though these devices are non-proprietary, they do come with a certain standard of security. Digital radios protect the privacy of the user, due to authentication and encryption systems put in place. Communication stays completely private and others won’t be able to listen in on what your employees are discussing.

The clarity of audio is quickly getting enhanced with recent technological advances. With analog devices, sound was relayed without much clear resonance. In contrast, new features with today’s radios allow for crisper, more audible sound with less background noise.

Cut out the static and distortion of old. Many devices today have what’s called intelligent audio: This benefit adjusts the volume to fit the noise level of the environment. That way, even if you’re on a job site or emergency situation, your voice will come across as clear as can be.

Plus, intelligent audio comes back the other way. You’ll be able to hear responses with optimal clarity, reducing repetition and decreasing downtime. This leads to a safer and more productive work environment overall.

4. Longer Life and Better Capability

When you go with top mobile radio devices in the industry, like King Radios or an equal, you can rest assured that you’re getting a longlasting communication system for your business.

Because of the previously mentioned TDMA technology, digital mobile radios are more energy efficient than their analog counterparts. The usage of the radio is less than narrowband options, reducing the battery usage and extending its life.

Other features of the new improvements in tech include integrated data and voice capabilities. More than simply a two-way radio, you can text message, use GPS location, ticket jobs, and use radio programming with these upgraded devices. This adds to the safety and efficiency of the mobile communication in your business.

With better audio, longer ranges, and the aforementioned Bluetooth capabilities, two-way radios are no longer what they seem to be.

5. The Best Overall Audio Experience

Sometimes, it’s the details that matter most.

Typical mobile communication devices are now much lighter than previous models. They are compact and lightweight, reducing the discomfort in actually using the device. For convenient operation and discreet displays, the new mobile radios are perfect for specific industries. Such industries rely on quick and non-bulky, such as security and hospitality.

Also, with integrative technology, everybody on the team can be on the same page. Connect mobile and portable radios together, creating a single seamless stream of communication.

If you’re an employee out in the field, in a truck or something like that, you can easily connect to an office or plant to communicate whatever you need. The same goes for the other way too. If directions or tasks change, your office should be able to communicate with the trucks driving to and from delivery sites.

With all the above benefits, it’s no wonder why new and improved mobile radios are the best bet for your business. The features are clear:

  • clear, crisp audio;
  • higher capacity;
  • an open standard
  • the best security;
  • cost-efficient equipment;
  • longer battery life

With a solid communication system in place, your business will be an unstoppable force.

Use Mobile Radios to Improve Your Business Communication

Hopefully, these benefits have shown you the importance of having mobile radios in your company’s everyday communique. Staying up-to-date with your company’s comings and goings is vital to the success of your business, so it only makes sense to have the best radio technology available. Use what you’ve learned and find your business the communication devices it deserves.

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