10 Profitable Business Ideas for Introverts

Are you an introvert looking to enter the world of entrepreneurship?

Some may think that being introverted and running a business don’t mix. However, this isn’t the case.

Oftentimes, an introverts ability to listen and think through problems make them fantastic business owners. You don’t have to be the loudest person in the room to run a great business. You just need to be in tune with what people are looking for and develop skills you can turn into profits.

This article will teach you 10 business ideas for introverts to get your mind geared up to start your own business.

1) Freelance Writer

Getting into freelance writing can be difficult, but once you’re there you may discover it’s your dream job.

Freelance writers gather clients in the form of companies or blogs and write for them from home.

If you’re a talented writer, why not start your own freelance writing business?

In this age of the internet, companies are always looking for well written digital content. If you become a freelance writer you’ll likely never be out of work.

2) Join the Pet Business

Not great with people but love pets? Why not turn that love into money by starting a business that centers around pets.

You can start a dog walking business and walk people’s dogs for them while they’re at work.

You can cat sit for people when they go on long vacations.

The key to developing your pet business will be getting clients who trust you and rely on your consistently for your dog care. You might have to start with taking care of family and friend’s pets. Then once you develop a good reputation more and more people with trust you with their pets.

3) Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are incredibly in demand these days as everyone wants interesting and compelling graphics for their websites.

Graphic design is one of the best business ideas for introverts who are creative.

You’ll spend your time working on computer software and won’t have to constantly be communicating with people. You will end your days feeling refreshed as you won’t be exposed to a lot of pointless chatter.

Graphic design can fulfill an artist’s desire to be creative while consistently paying a decent amount of money.

To get more efficient in graphic design you can take classes to learn the Adobe software.

4) Virtual Teacher

Maybe you love the idea of educating the next generation but not the idea of being surrounded by kids all day.

If this is the case, a virtual teaching business could be one of the best business ideas for introverts.

There are many sites that need virtual tutors across all subjects. There are sites that need virtual English teachers for foreign language students. Any subject that you excel at can be taught to others.

Once you gather some experience in the virtual education world you can discover more by starting your own online teaching or tutoring business.

Offer an online course in something that you know you can teach well. This way you can make all your own course materials and have the class be personalized to your interests and expertise.

5) Grow a Gardening Business

Have a green thumb? Profit off of it!

People don’t realize that their hobbies can easily be translated into cash. You can earn money doing what you love, gardening for other people.

One of the best ways to start a gardening business is to show off your skills. Take pictures of your beautiful garden and post them on social media. Ask if anyone out there would like to hire you to garden for them.

Start off your business with nominal fees, which will expand as you develop the business.

Start a blog for your business so that people can keep up with your latest tips and tricks on gardening. Posts videos and pictures of gardening projects you complete so that people can see how good you are at your craft.

Gardening is one of the most relaxing and centering business ideas for introverts. Instead of spending your days arguing with people, you’ll get to be out in the beauty of nature with plants and flowers.

6) Social Media Consultant

Nearly all companies understand the importance of social media but not all understand how to execute social media accounts properly.

Let’s face it, being social online is much easier than being social in person. Typing back comments to people online is less tiring than being yelled at in a customer service job.

If you’re a social media guru and understand how to write strategic social media posts, a social media consulting business might be a great choice for you.

As a social media consultant, you’ll gather clients who need help with the social media image and make posts for them.

You’ll need to be proficient in social media planning software like Hootsuite in order to succeed in this position. You’ll likely be doing social media for several different companies so you’ll need to be well organized.

7) Be a Handy-man or Woman

Are you good at fixing things and working with your hands?

A handyman business could be among the best business ideas for introverts for you.

These days many people are relying on Task Rabbit or Craigslist to tackle things they need to get done around the house.

However, if you develop a business that is more reliable and consistent that these task-based sites you can be successful.

You’ll want to show the world projects that you’ve completed to prove your trustworthiness. You’ll also want to encourage your initial clients to leave you positive reviews. This is especially important in the handyman business as you’ll be entering people’s homes. They will want to know that they can trust you.

Furthermore, if you hire other employees for your handyman business be absolutely sure you can trust them with entering your client’s homes. Any mistakes they made will reflect poorly on your business.

8) Start a Catering Business

Do your family and friends salivate over your cooking? Are you the one people always ask to bring food to the party?

Why not turn those skills into a catering business?

Structure your catering business with a partner so that you’re the chef and he or she handles the social aspects of catering.

Your job will be to do what you do best: cook the meals. You’ll get to spend all your time making people happy with your cooking.

Catering gigs typically happen in the evenings so you can do this on the side after your day job if you choose to. You can always take the leftovers home to your family which takes care of dinner at home as well.

9) Author

Many people think being an author is simply an unachievable pipe-dream.

It doesn’t have to be that way, however. All you need to be an author is an idea for a story and a willingness to sit down and write it.

While it’s not recommended that you rely on novels as your sole source of income, they can certainly be a nice supplement to your income.

Being an author is running your own business because you have no one telling you what you have to write.

10) Run People’s Errands

In today’s fast-paced world it’s no surprise that people are paying to have their errands taken care of for them.

Start an errand running business with a catchy name. For instance, if your name is Carrie you can name it, “Cash n’ Carrie”.

The most important thing about running an errand business is that you’re consistently on time with peoples’ errands. If somebody is paying you to have their groceries bought and put away by 2 pm you better make it 1:55 pm every time.

People who pay to get their errands done are big on efficiency.

Print business cards for your errand business and hand them out to people you know. You never know when someone might become overwhelmed and need you to pick up their dry cleaning.

Try Out These Business Ideas for Introverts

If you’re at a time in your life when you feel like working for yourself, try out one of these business ideas for introverts.

Keep in mind that working for yourself takes a lot of discipline. At the beginning of your venture, you probably won’t see any profits, maybe not even for the first year.

It takes a lot of time to develop a name for yourself and your business and get people to trust you over other big-name businesses. However, if you stick with it and work hard you should see results.

Like this article? Have your own business ideas for introverts to tell us about? Let us know!

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