5 Marketing Tactics to Help Sell Real Estate

Selling real estate is a lot like selling anything else: you need the right marketing tactics.

Of course, the real estate market is a fast-changing one. Many marketing strategies that worked a couple of years ago are all but outdated today.

So, what should you focus on in the year 2018? We’ve got two words for you: social media. Millennials are now the largest market segment, and 94% of them are using online websites to search for their new home.

Even beyond that, social media is a perfect platform for B2C institutions. Sharing your listings and promoting your blog posts is the best way to engage with your audience.

Of course, social media holds many other possibilities for real estate professionals. Here are five marketing tactics you should probably be using right now.

1. Reviews & Services

Let’s start with the obvious one: enabling reviews and services on your Facebook page.

As you may know, no real estate agent can have too many referrals. That’s why you want to make sure that your clients can ask you questions or book appointments at any time.

Leaving an area for client testimonials is also a good idea. You can then use those testimonials on your website, along with other information about your services.

2. 360 Photos

Wide-angle real estate photos are great, but sometimes you just want to explore the room. Fortunately, Facebook has recently made this possible by allowing users to share 360-degree photos.

This feature makes it easy to show off your house in new and exciting ways. Wide-open floor plans and great balcony views can really benefit from 360-degree photos.

3. Twitter Keyword Search

Any real estate marketer should know a thing or two about lead generation.

One tactic that can help you in this regard is setting up Twitter keyword searches. If you do it right, Twitter will alert you whenever someone wants to buy or sell a house. You can use zip code targeting to narrow the searches down.

To get the most out of this feature, you should automate the alert process. Simply set up the search and use services like IFTTT to notify you whenever a relevant Tweet comes up.

4. Facebook Live for Business

House walkthroughs are nice, but they’re a bit too common these days. Want to engage with your audience? Try using Facebook Live to give them an unedited, behind-the-scenes look at your property.

By promoting your real estate before the listing goes up, you’d basically be giving your followers an inside scoop. In recent months, these posts have been quite popular in Facebook feeds.

Of course, the house should still be in presentable condition. Before going through with this strategy, make sure you’ve gone through the tips outlined on this blog.

5. Staying Relevant

According to recent studies, 70% of home buyers won’t remember their agent’s name after a single year. Want to increase your chances of landing repeat clients? Stay connected even after closing the deal.

For example, sharing information on renovations will keep your posts relevant for both your past and current clients. Local news and events will produce a similar effect.

More on Real Estate Marketing Tactics

Though the real estate market was once dependent on cold calling and traditional marketing, it has now largely moved online. By using some of these tips in your marketing plan, you’ll be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

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