The Latest Summer Trends in Men’s Fashion 2018

After the dreaded months of winter, spring is finally upon us! Which means that summer is right around the corner!

Are you wondering what trends to look forward to in 2018? This season, tried-and-true trends, as well as some new ones, were seen on all the major catwalks around the world.

From playful prints to classic cowboy boots, there is definitely a lot to look forward to in the men’s fashion world. Be sure you are up to date on all the latest trends! Read on to learn about what to expect for men’s summer fashion 2018.

Cowboy Boots

The cowboy boot is a classic emblem of America. Yes, cowboy boots are back, and in a seriously stylish way. They are the perfect accessory to update your look in 2018.

Cowboy boots have been seen stomping up and down the catwalk for many brands. From high-fashion to the more pedestrian Topshop, these boots have been seen in a variety of styles. Check out places like Tim’s Boots to see a variety of different styles and fits to find the perfect boot to get you through the summer.

You will see several different styles lining the shelves in preparation for this summer trend. From classic Western to bright colors to two-toned.

A classic Western style will probably serve you better in the long run, since it can be paired with a variety of clothing. But don’t be nervous to invest in a more adventurous pair!

Printed Shirts

It’s all about the printed shirt. Abstract, polka dot, florals, you name it. We have especially seen a resurgence of the tropical print shirt. You may be feeling a little dubious about this trend, especially if you have a more muscular build. But fear not, there is definitely a way to wear a printed shirt and still look manly.

While you may usually think of a tropical shirt as gaudy and desperate, you may want to think again. The latest trends in men’s summer fashion show that these tropical printed shirts may be your ticket to looking like the most fashionable of your crew.

Because a tropical print tends to be very loud and dramatic, make sure you embrace subtlety. Pair your printed shirt with a simple pant or easy blazer in a solid color.

Bold Vertical Stripes

The bold vertical stripe is officially menswear’s new go-to summer pattern. Designers have put a twist on the typical pinstripe suit this season with a more bold look.

The best thing about vertical stripes is that it is flattering on practically any body shape. So you can look forward to looking longer and leaner.

Vertical stripes have been seen on everything from bombers jackets to formal suits. The key to wearing stripes is to make sure that you pair the busy pattern with other pieces that are simple and won’t overwhelm your entire look.

Dad Denim

Dad denim is one of the latest trends that you should definitely be aware of. What gets better than being both trendy and comfortable? Men’s summer fashion trends have seen the emergence of dad denim.

Dad denim is basically jeans that have a leg-friendly design. These jeans are usually loose fit, a light wash, and straight up and down. Think unfussy comfort. For most men, this style is a dream come true. It is comfortable, gives an effortless look, and gives your legs the breathing space they have always wanted.


The all-white look is no longer only appropriate for an all-white event. All white looks have been seen up and down the runway in many international fashion weeks this season.

Opt for a pair of clean white chinos that will give you an effortlessly well-groomed look. For a more casual look, you can roll up the ankles for a more relaxed feel.

Make sure you steer clear of looking too sterile, which can be a trap with all white. Fabric choices come in handy here. Pick fabrics like linen, which are softer and more flexible.

If the all-white sometimes looks too dramatic for the event you are attending, try swapping out your top for a denim jacket or a light blazer. Pair it with a smart pair of loafers or dressy sandals, and you will look both trendy and casual.

Pink Isn’t Going Anywhere

Millennial Pink. The color that took fashion by storm last season. It looks like it’s here to stay- at least for another season in men’s summer fashion. The millennial pink color is a warm, blush rose color that can still be seen accenting all the major fashion brands.

This season, the color has been expanded into other hues. The pink can be seen from a mid-pink all the way to the pastel end of the spectrum.

Think about investing in some key accent pieces in a shade of pink. Maybe a cool statement pocket square or an eye-popping pair of shoes. Feeling bolder? Go for a light pink wash pair of pants or a bright dress shirt to really make a statement.

Ready to Keep Up with the Latest Men’s Summer Fashion?

Trends are often times misunderstood. Most men think that fashion trends are outrageous and too funky to be practical. The truth is that most trends are very doable and most likely can be incorporated seamlessly into your everyday fashion.

At the end of the day, what you choose to wear is a representation of who you are. Often times, how you look on the outside will also change the way you feel on the inside. This summer, invest in some key pieces to make sure you are looking and feeling your best.

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