How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes

It’s never a sensible idea to just buy the first thing you see on the shelf when shopping.

The same attitude should be taken when shopping for car insurance. Not only is it a crucial type of insurance for a motorist, it’s expensive, is a monthly or annual cost and must provide a driver with everything he or she needs in case of an incident.

These days, being able to compare car insurance quotes is so easy. Having to do mountains of research is not necessary, thanks to online resources that do the work for you.

So how can you compare car insurance quotes easily?

Use Comparison Sites To Compare Car Insurance Quotes

By using a website that collates and compares quotes for car insurance all in one place, you are able to learn more and save yourself a lot of extra hassle when shopping around.

Sites that do this make it simple and quick. They require you to enter all of your details once, including your name, address, car registration, the type of cover you’re looking for, the age and value of the car, and so forth.

This is the most complicated part. Once you’ve done this, a click of a button will produce results, listing companies that will insure your car.

These will be set out in terms of price and features that the insurer will offer you, should you choose them.

There are often also options to change the details of the type of policy you are looking to take out. This means you can then weigh up extra costs or added benefits with particular car insurance companies.

Tip: Compare Comparison Sites

It may sound a little pointless, but it doesn’t hurt to go through this process with more than one comparison site.

Often you’ll find that the same results will come up. But some sites may feature companies that others don’t and this way you won’t miss out on other potential deals.

Don’t spend hours going on ALL the comparison sites out there. But it doesn’t hurt to check out two or three.

It’s also worth checking if any companies choose to specifically not feature on comparison sites. If so, you can compare car insurance quotes yourself by visiting these extra sites to see if they offer better deals.

Don’t Let Ads Fool you When you Compare Car Insurance Quotes

As long as a car insurance company is legitimate, doesn’t have any hidden loopholes and offers you the services you need as a motorist, it doesn’t necessarily matter who they are.

Bigger corporations might spend thousands of dollars on commercials that try to convince you they offer the lowest car insurance rates. This is a bold and sweeping statement that cannot possibly be true when everyone has different circumstances.

A car insurance company that offers low rates for someone in a particular state might very well be a steeper expense for someone living in a different part of the country.

Being sucked in by overzealous advertising and tempted to not compare car insurance quotes because of this could end up wasting you a lot of money.

Smaller, Regional and Local Insurers

Following on from the idea that companies with expensive, fancy ads might tempt you to go with them, it’s also useful to look at smaller companies.

Many smaller companies based in just one state, region or town might not only be cheaper but offer a more specialist service for you.

They may, for example, be tied in with a local recovery company who might give you a good deal if you encounter a problem with your car.

The four major auto insurance companies that control nearly half the nation’s business (Allstate, Geico, Progressive and State Farm) are not necessarily going to be the best options for you.

Tip: Compare Regional Insurers (and Tell Them You’re Doing This)

Local insurers regularly have a higher customer satisfaction score because of their localized reach and client base.

Be sure to compare regional companies too, and don’t be afraid to tell them you’re shopping around. This may help you strike a deal.

Be Discount Savvy

There may very well be a sale on when looking at new car insurance deals.

Similarly, there could be discounts or vouchers online that you wouldn’t know about if you didn’t check. All it takes is a simple Google search to find out.

Often, new customers are offered introduction deals too. Likewise, if you’re an existing long-term customer who threatens to shop around or leave a company, they may sweeten the deal and add a discount to keep your business.

There are also bundle car insurance policies, which tie in renters or homeowners insurance, for example.

Check to see whether particular benefits are granted from a company if you have a car with added safety features. Similarly, if you have a clean driving record this often helps. As does proving that you have never needed to make a claim on car insurance before.

Some companies might offer a deal if you pay annually, rather than in monthly installments. If you can afford to do this, then take them up on this offer.

Find A Business That

Your main goal when looking for the best car insurer is to find a company that will look after you and not rob you blind.

Therefore, it’s incredibly important to make sure you’re not one of the 38% of Americans who, according to a recent study, admitted they did not compare car insurance quotes.

The same applies to other areas of insurance, or to find the best businesses or services that you might require.

Visit Find A Business That to browse car insurance and other services that you might be in the market for.

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