4 Cheap Parts That Keep Your Car Running

Without proper care, auto repair can become a financial burden. The good news is that there are cheap and simple preventative maintenance steps to reduce this risk.

Did you know that a transmission replacement costs up to $3,500? Not many people have $3,500 lying around. However, you can decrease the likelihood of a transmission failure by simply replacing the vehicle’s transmission fluid.

With the wealth of information and videos available online, DIY auto maintenance is easier than ever before. Read on to learn about 4 cheap parts that will keep your car running forever.

1. Replace the Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt is an important component under your vehicle’s hood. This is because it links together and powers multiple components.

It is a means to transport power between major items like the air conditioner, alternator, and power steering pump. Between 60,000 to 100,000 miles, the serpentine belt needs to be replaced.

If you fail to do so, the belt will wear down and eventually crack. When this happens, the vital components that power your car will no longer function.

Simply put, a failed serpentine belt means that your car will not run. This critical component is not expensive and a replacement can often be purchased for less than one hundred dollars.

2. Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are critical to engine performance and fuel efficiency. These tiny parts are responsible for powering the engine’s pistons.

They literally are the ignition point for the engine’s combustion process. A host of issues including a misfiring engine and poor gas mileage are caused by worn down spark plugs.

Experts recommend that spark plugs get inspected every 30,000 miles. The quality of the spark plug dictates how long it will perform.

If you are a DIY auto enthusiast, changing spark plugs is a fairly simple task.

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3. Air Filter

This is a super easy task for most people. Replacing the air filter is inexpensive and effective for extending the engine’s service life.

The air filter is designed to stop debris and dirt from infiltrating the engine. Dirt particles and other foreign objects can damage the engine’s cylinders and pistons.

Replacing the air filter leads to a more efficient and durable engine. In addition, air filters also reduce harmful emissions.

4. Change the Transmission Fluid

Besides the engine, the transmission is one of the most expensive and critical vehicle components. As mentioned during the introduction, a replacement transmission is expensive.

A simple maintenance task to protect your transmission is replacing the fluid. Auto repair servicers recommend this task at 60,000 miles. This is harder than the others outlined above, so you may opt to hire a professional and not do it on your own.

DIY Auto – Wrapping It Up

Preventative maintenance is a sure-fire way to extend your vehicle’s service life. Inexpensive parts like air filters and spark plugs go a long way in maintaining engine performance.

Other tasks such as changing the transmission fluid can prevent costly repairs. By taking these preventative measures, you are well on your way to putting 200,000 miles on your vehicle.

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