5 Qualities to Look for in a Great Packaging Company

You’ve worked tirelessly to create the perfect products for your customers.

So why would you want to put them in packaging that doesn’t show them in the best possible light?

The right packaging can elevate your brand, make your customers feel special, and can even help your company to go viral.

Plus, over 80% of marketing professionals and brand strategists agree that the right packaging can help your brand to become more attractive to customers.

Of course, getting the right packaging for your brand depends entirely on the quality of the packaging company that you work with.

So, what should you look for when trying to find the one that’s right for you?

Read on to find out.

1. Customization

Far and away, the most important thing you want to look for in a packaging company is the option to customize your boxes and bags.

The company may have an on-site designer who can help you bring your vision to life, or you may need to bring them a completed design to stamp on your packaging.

When it comes to these customization options, you want the company you work with to be able to do much more than just stamp a logo across a box and call it a day.

They should be able to create custom fonts, offer a wide range of colors, and create an overall package design that’s consistent with your branding.

The last thing you want is to be stuck with a package that looks just like everyone else’s.

Ask if, when they create these custom designs, you’ll be responsible for paying for the plates, or if that’s included in the price you’re given. Also ask if the company requires you to make customized plates with them, or if you can use plates designed by someone else.

2. Lots Of Packaging Options

Once you know that the packaging company you’re thinking of working with offers customization, you then need to talk to them about the kinds of packaging materials they have to offer.

What sizes of boxes do they offer? Do they have eco-friendly packaging options? What materials do they use to make bags? Do they provide other packaging materials like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and tissue paper?

Do they exclusively create packaging for shipping purposes, or can they also make customized retail packaging that you can use in your brick-and-mortar store?

Are they able to package the types of products you plan to sell, especially if they’re specialty items? Can they package food, flowers, and other delicate items?

3. Excellent Customer Reviews

A whopping 84% of shoppers say that they value the online reviews of a company as much, if not more, than information given to them by friends and family.

So, when you’re trying to find the right packaging company for your business, make sure you’ve taken the time to read what people are saying about their experiences.

While one or two negative reviews are always to be expected, if it seems like a company has several one-star reviews, it’s a sign to move on.

However, be aware that the customer testimonials on a website aren’t always a good indicator of what it’s really like to work with a company.

When you’re weighing your options, also ask to speak to at least two references directly. Ask about pricing, whether or not the orders were shipped on time, and determine the overall quality of the packaging provided.

4. The Ability To Provide Sample Packaging

So, the company you want to work with has awesome reviews, can give you the customization options you want, and has the materials you need.

You’re ready to place your order, right?

Not without asking for a sample package first.

Any company worth its salt will happily provide you with a sample package (or at least a detailed mock-up) of the design they’ve created for your brand. This way, before you place a bulk order, you can ensure that you like both the look and the feel of the packaging.

To learn more about the different types of sample packaging available, and the kinds of packaging you should choose for the needs of your business, visit this website.

5. The Offer of a Customized Quote

One final thing to look for when you’re choosing between packaging companies?

Make sure that they offer you a customized quote based on the size of your order, the materials you choose, and any additional accessories you need.

If a company gives you a standard “base price,” it’s definitely time to move on.

When you’re getting your quote, also ask the packaging company you’re thinking of working with if they offer automatic orders and shipments when your packaging supply gets low or runs out.

Additionally, don’t forget to ask about any discounts that you can get with a bulk order. Though you might end up spending more up front, you’ll save money in the long run and prevent the disruption of the re-ordering process.

Need Help Finding The Right Packaging Company?

Thanks to this post, you now know just a few of the qualities that you need to look for when you’re trying to find the right packaging company for your brand.

Remember to ask about customization, the actual packaging materials available, and for past customer reviews. Additionally, make sure you’re getting a personalized quote, and always request a sample package before placing a bulk order.

Need help coming up with a list of potential companies?

We can help.

Spend some time on our website to browse through packaging businesses in your area. Then, check out our blog for more awesome branding tips that will blow your competition out of the water.

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