Real Estate Services: 5 Unique Marketing Strategies That Work

Buying a home in today’s world is a bit different than in previous eras. Now, prospective buyers and sellers can list and discover homes 24/7 thanks to the internet.

While the digital age is great for consumers, it’s undoubtedly harder for modern real estate businesses to make an impact.

In fact, some buyers are solely turning to the internet to find their next living space.

You can use this to your advantage! Here are five unique marketing strategies to get your real estate business more clients.

1) Generate Leads on Social Media

According to Statista, social media will boast over three billion users by 2021. Therefore, social media should become a critical part of your lead generation strategy.

If you haven’t already, set up a business page for your agency and start connecting with clients. Sites like Snapchat are increasingly popular with a younger demographic.

Cross-post content from your website and don’t forget to engage with your audience. Social media tends to be less formal and more conversational than traditional advertising, so don’t be afraid to let your hair down.

Start conversations, answer questions, and most of all, sell them on your ability to put them in the perfect home.

2) Market Your Firm on Real Estate Platforms

If there’s one disadvantage to social media, it’s that it may be too broad. Sure, you can target a demographic with your ads, but that tends to cost money.

If you’re looking to save a bit of money, you may want to head to some real estate-specific websites like Zillow or PadMapper.

Advertising your properties on specialty site increases your discoverability thanks to a focus on location.

3) Leverage Timeliness

Wherever and however you choose to market your firm, you’d do well to stress timeliness, especially with turnkey properties.

A turnkey rental property is a property that is renovated and ready to go. All that’s missing is the tenant.

Most buyers or renters can’t stand how long the process takes. Help them along by telling them that there’s a property they can move into ASAP!

4) Work on Your Listings

Your ability to sell a house online primarily relies on two things: great images and better listings.

Your property listings should include more than a laundry list of facts about the home.

To stand out, really paint a picture with your listing. Tell the buyer why this is the perfect house for them.

Use vivid imagery and storytelling techniques to draw clients in. A well-written listing will beat a list of bullet points any day.

5) Make Yourself Available

Finally, make sure that clients have an easy way to discover your contact information.

Be it through a Google My Business page, Facebook page, or even a listing, your NAP (name, place, address) is the most important info about your business online.

Put your contact information in easy to find, widely available sections of the internet.

How can you tell when to include contact info? Here’s a good rule of thumb: if it features a section for contact info, include it.

Use These Unique Marketing Strategies

Discoverability is tough, but it’s certainly not impossible. These five unique marketing strategies are sure to help you bring in more clients.

For more tips on how you can maximize your marketing, don’t forget to check our Business Resources Archives!

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