7 Tips For Selling Your Used Cisco Equipment

Few things sound better than the hum of new computer equipment in your office space. The question, though, is, what should you do with all of your used Cisco equipment?

Cisco remains a dominant player in the network infrastructure and unified communications market. However, even the best equipment becomes obsolete after years of use.

Not sure what businesses to go to when you’re ready to sell your used Cisco equipment? Here are seven tips for selling this equipment and getting the most out of the deal.

Let’s get started!

1. Knowledge of Your Used Cisco Equipment

Look for companies that understand the value that Cisco offers. This is critical if you want to maximize the money you make from the sale of your used Cisco equipment.

For instance, Net Equity calls itself a “Cisco expert” that specializes in purchasing used, excess and off-lease network hardware. However, the company also works with other leading lines of IT products, such as Dell, Adtran, and Juniper.

In fact, if consumers have equipment from manufacturers that this company doesn’t support, the company can usually refer these consumers to multiple qualified buyers.

Before you contact a business like Net Equity about Cisco equipment you would like to sell to it, be sure to write down the details of all of the equipment you are looking to part with.

The information you’ll need includes serial numbers and part numbers as well as any accessory interfaces that have been installed. The more detailed you are, the more likely you are to get an accurate estimate.

2. Fair Purchase Price Offer

When you’re selling your used Cisco equipment, your ultimate goal is to make some extra money. But how much should you reasonably expect?

Not sure? Time to do some homework. Before you sell your computer equipment, you absolutely must know how much your items are worth.

You’d do this before taking your vehicle to a used car dealership to unload it, right? And you’d rely on a couple of real estate comps to determine how much to sell your home for, correct? The same goes for your IT equipment.

When performing price checking online, refer only to those pieces you see online that match your equipment pieces exactly.

Also, try to compare prices on a minimum of five sites, as price differences may range a great deal depending on the website.

You may also want to take a look at what similar equipment has sold for on eBay recently. Being informed is the key to avoid being taken advantage of when you go to sell your equipment.

The right company will not send a ridiculous lowball offer your way. Instead, it will spend plenty of time studying Cisco equipment’s present secondary market values.

Then, it will provide you with an honest and fair purchase estimate for the equipment you’re selling.

3. Honesty and Thoroughness

A reputable buyer of used Cisco equipment will test your equipment. So, if you come across a business that mentions nothing about testing your pieces, that means other things may be falling through the cracks, too. And your future check may be one of them.

Stay away from these companies.

On the flip side, since you know that a company worth its salt will test your equipment, it’s in your best interest to be honest about your equipment’s functionality.

Is the equipment not working correctly, or is it damaged? The more detailed and upfront you are about this, the greater your chances of obtaining an accurate fair market valuation from the company.

4. Extensive Experience

This is one of the most important considerations when you’re looking for the right business to sell your used IT equipment too.

Look for a company that has years of experience purchasing excess and used networking and IT hardware. Better yet, search for a company that has purchased pieces from sellers across the globe.

The more extensive a business’s experience is, the more comfortable you’ll feel about doing business with it.

5. Simple Process

Search for a company that also has a reputation for being effortless to work with.

Ideally, you want to be able to simply fill out a convenient product submission form, where you list the inventory you have for sale. You may even be able to upload some photos of your inventory items.

The easier the process is for selling your used networking gear, the faster you may get the equipment off your hands and money in your hands.

6. Shipping

Don’t enter a transaction with any used equipment buyer before looking at what all the buyer has to offer outside of some Benjamins.

In addition to giving you a fair quote, the business you choose should be willing to cover your shipping costs as well. That means your only job is to prepare and box up your equipment, then send the dimensions and weights of your boxes.

The company can then issue a pickup order for your equipment through UPS or FedEx on its dime. Finally, you should get paid promptly.

With the right company, you won’t have to worry about covering shipping charges or chasing down your check. Again, the customer comes first.

7. Customer Friendliness

You’re selling something that an equipment buyer values. After all, Cisco products are popular the world over.

So, naturally, the used equipment buyer you choose should understand that pleasing you — the customer — comes first.

A top-quality company views itself as not just your buyer but your partner. These types of vendors know that they’ll succeed only if you succeed.

So, go with a business that has been working with its customers successfully for years and has built a strong following. The company may even be willing to point you to a reference or two who can verify the business’s integrity.

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