Should You Hire a Tax Accountant: 7 Things You Need to Know

What if making a single choice could instantly bring you hundreds or thousands of dollars?

That may sound like a bold claim, and it is, because a good accountant can use their knowledge and get you the best possible tax refund.

Many people are tempted to do their own taxes using free online tools and services. However, using a proper tax accountant is the best way to file your taxes with speed and accuracy.

Not Just Any Tax Accountant

Hiring an accountant to help with your taxes is always a smart move. However, you will have many different accountants in your area to choose from.

This makes it difficult for many consumers to figure out which accountant is best for them. And others are still on the fence about whether or not they really need an accountant or not.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a thorough guide that has everything you need to know. Keep reading to discover the seven things you need to know before hiring an accountant!

1. Seek the CPA

If you’re hiring an accountant, you want to hire the most qualified accountant. This means hiring someone who is a CPA.

A CPA is a Certified Public Accountant. This means they have had the highest level of education and preparation when it comes to preparing taxes.

Part of keeping a CPA certification is staying up to date on laws and regulations through continuous education. This means that your accountant will be well-versed in new and complex tax changes like those that occurred early in 2018.

Ultimately, you should hire the best accountant because you deserve the best service.

2. Set Aside a Budget

Setting aside a budget is one of the most important parts of hiring a tax accountant. You should research exactly what their services will cost before you agree to anything.

A recent survey found that the average cost of hiring a tax accountant is $273 dollars. This amount may not be much if the accountant can reduce what you owe or find you a refund.

However, that money may be too much for some people to pay upfront. If so, consider saving money for the future by reducing the cost of your insurance. Amistad Insurance Services offers many options to help put cash back into your hand!

3. Software Can Be Confusing

One of the biggest obstacles to simply using tax preparation software is that the software can be confusing. Those who are not experts with both computers and tax law may find themselves lost trying to prepare their taxes.

And the errors you make using the tax software can have major consequences. You may end up paying more money to the government than you actually owe.

It’s easier for almost everyone to simplify things by hiring an accountant.

4. Do Your Research On the Accountant

When you’re choosing a tax accountant, the first step is making sure they are a CPA. However, your research should go beyond this to find out more about the person.

You can investigate the kind of education this person received to discover how well-trained you think they might be. And you can also ask around in your community to find those who have worked with the accountant before.

Doing these things gives a more three-dimensional view of the accountant. You’ll be able to figure out not only how well they were educated but how well they perform for others in your area.

5. Do You Have a Simple Life?

If you’re still on the fence about hiring an accountant, there’s a pretty simple question you can answer. Do you have a very simple life?

A “simple life” when it comes to taxes means that you only have income from one job. Another component is that you live alone.

The final part of a simple life is having few (or no) things you will be writing off on your taxes.

If you meet all of these criteria, you’ll likely be fine just using tax preparation software. However, the more complex your tax life, the more you need professional help.

6. The Freedom to Ask Questions

There is an obvious advantage a real accountant will always have over tax software. That advantage is the ability to answer and ask questions.

Chances are high that you’ll get confused at some point when using tax software. When this happens, you’re stuck doing your own research trying to find the answers.

When you work with a tax accountant, you’ll be able to ask them any questions you want. You’ll get an immediate response to those questions, and the accountant may ask you some important questions of their own.

Working with an accountant can provide great peace of mind while also ensuring you owe as little tax money as possible.

7. Ready for the IRS?

The biggest concern anyone has about filing taxes is somehow messing them up. This means that if you get audited, you’re going to have a confrontation with the IRS.

When you fill out your taxes on your own, you take the responsibility for dealing with the IRS. However, most people do not know enough about taxes and tax law to truly discuss their tax file with the IRS.

When a professional accountant does your taxes, you can give them the power to deal with the IRS. That ranges from simply talking to them all the way to the accountant having power of attorney on your behalf!

The Bottom Line

You now understand how important it is to hire an accountant for this tax season. However, you may have difficulty finding an accountant in your area.

Chances are that you lead a busy life that balances work obligations and family obligations. Who has the time to also extensively research all of the local accountants?

At, we specialize in helping you find the local professionals you need. We bring you the best with a single click, and we ultimately save you both time and money.

To see how we can help you with your taxes, come browse our list of tax specialists today!

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